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First Ever Crash Between Drone and Passenger Plane Reported in Canada

Passenger Plane hit by drone camera

In reports that are bound to make drone enthusiasts wary of tighter regulations, a drone hit a passenger plane in Quebec, Canada. According to Canada’s transport minister, the Skyjet passenger plane was flying from Quebec and had eight people onboard. Marc Garneau said the plane was approaching Jean Lesage International Airport at an altitude of […]

The Hottest Careers for Commercial Drone Pilots in 2017/18

Drone Pilot careers

It is a great time for a commercial drone pilot. The UAV industry has experienced a boom in the last couple of years as drones have become essential business tools in many industries. According to BI Intelligence, the research arm of Business Insider, infrastructure has experienced the greatest increase in drone use. The value of […]

Ground-Breaking Ways Drones Have Been Put to Use This Year

Camera drones

It has been just a couple of years or so since the consumerization of drones went into full swing. But it feels like we have gone through a decade of development and consumer adoption. The industry has grown so fast that even governments are having to rush to create accompanying regulations. One telltale sign of […]

Drone Insurance: Where To Buy It & How Much To Get

Drone Insurance Buying Guide

For the last three or so years, drone flying has been growing at an incredibly fast rate. There are more hobbyists than ever before, with numerous low-cost UAV brands entering the market. In the commercial sector, drones have been finding more and more uses from professional film making and photography to infrastructure inspections and agriculture.  […]