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Ethical & Legal Issues Involving Camera Drones

A video camera drone

Consumer drones have opened up numerous opportunities for businesses and individuals. They’ve also introduced legal and ethical complications that have caught many governments unprepared. Camera drones, in particular, have been singled out for their potential privacy violations. A camera drone hovering over your backyard will make anyone more than a little uncomfortable. If you own […]

Is It Worth Buying Real Estate Drones?

aerial view of farm taken by drone real estate marketing

In hot real estate markets, the smallest improvements to your property can make all the difference. But sometimes, the trick is not in repainting the exterior or raking away dead leaves on the lawn but rather changing how your market your home. Potential buyers will most likely visit a listing website to narrow down their […]

Meet DJI’s New Smart Controller (Video & Review)

real estate drone photography

DJI recently introduced a new DJI Smart Controller during CES 2019. The new controller helps you to operate your drone directly without using a smartphone.  The controller has other features for the pilot that can improve the drone flying experience. When you decide to buy this smart controller, there are several great features that you […]

PWC Report Estimates Business Use of Drones Will Exceed $125B

agricultural drone industry is growing

Drone technology is significantly gaining prominence, especially in capital projects. It is critical for the project owners to adopt the leading edge technology to optimize their return on investment.  The drone revolution is affecting industries that range from agriculture to film making. According to PwC’s study, the global market value for business services that use […]

FLIR Spends $200 million To Buy Canadian Firm Aeryon Drone

Drone technology is evolving, and many individuals and businesses are embracing it in their operations. For instance, the technology is used in industries that include real estate, construction, agriculture, filming & photography, as well as emergency services. The agriculture sector is also embracing drone technology to improve its operations. When using an agricultural drone one […]

DJI Drones Can Fly Over Crowds – If They Pack This Parachute System

Indemnis UAV recovery solution

There are different types of drones meant for commercial or personal use. There are also specific rules and laws that regulate the operations of drones in different places. For instance, both personal and commercial drones should not fly above crowds of people. In other words, you may not fly your drone above a group of […]