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Google’s Wing Aviation Releases OpenSky Drone Flyer App

Drone Flyer app

Wing’s OpenSky app attempts to solve one of the biggest headaches plaguing the UAS industry; how to avoid drone-related accidents. For a long time now, UAV pilots have had to abide by the FAA’s Part 107 regulations. Although requirements such as Visual Line of Sight minimize mishaps, they also impose severe restrictions on pilots. With […]

Parrot Releases Anafi Thermal Drone for Enterprise Applications

Anafi thermal

Last year, French drone company Parrot introduced Anafi, a 4K-capable consumer drone weighing less than a pound. This year the platform saw a major boost with the announcement of the Anafi Thermal. It’s a commercial drone targeted at professionals such as public works engineers, rescuers, police officers, and environmentalists. At $1900 the Anafi Thermal is […]

French UAV Manufacturer Parrot Exits Toy Drone Market

Anafi Parrot

Two years after announcing a shift from the toy drone market, Parrot has exited the segment completely. The company is withdrawing the Mambo and Swing models and focusing entirely on its flagship Anafi platform. Although Anafi drones are still available to consumers, Parrot is paying more attention to the commercial and enterprise market. The French […]

Drone LIDAR vs. Drone Photogrammetry: When To Use Each

LIDAR and photogrammetry.

Drones are increasingly being utilized for tasks that were previously performed using manned aircraft such as surveying, mapping, and 3D modeling. The two main technologies used in these areas are LIDAR and photogrammetry. Although both are useful to surveyors, each has its pros and cons. To better analyze their similarities and differences, it’s important to […]

DJI Loses Another US Customer: Cape Moves To Skydio Drones

DJI Mavic Pro

Through a July 17th press release, Cape announced that it was dropping DJI and partnering with Skydio “effective immediately.” Here’s part of their press release. “Cape, the leading cloud platform for remote drone operations, today announced that effective immediately, the company will drop support for DJI drones. As part of the decision, the company also […]

How Much Does a Drone Insurance Cost? (2019 Update)

Drone Insurance

Drone insurance is no longer a fringe idea. Any serious UAV operator now considers it a necessity. Part 107 regulations don’t require you to have coverage, but doing so helps you to handle any unexpected circumstances much better, and increases your chances of landing gigs Drone insurance was at first shunned by the big traditional […]

How Much Does a Real Estate Drone Shoot Cost? (2019 Update)

Amazon drones with camera and gps

Unlike other industries which are still exploring drone use, real estate adopted the technology from its infancy. Their ability to take high-quality aerial shots from various angles has made them a natural choice for realtors. Although these developments have popularized real estate drone photography, some aspects of this niche sector are still fuzzy. One of […]

New Startup FlyThere Lets You Fly Drones Remotely Across The Globe

FlyThere Fly Drones Remotely

The growing UAV market has led to many new business ideas and innovations. One of these is Flythere, a trailblazing startup which lets you fly drones remotely around the globe from the comfort of your home. The service is immersive and realistic. That’s because it happens in real-time.                                                                  Although most of its available locations are […]

The 10 Craziest Things You Can Do With a Drone

Ambulance drone

A decade ago, UAVs were considered mainly a preserve of military units and a few hardcore civilian enthusiasts. Modern drones are lighter, smaller, more affordable, and unbelievably feature packed. This innovation, coupled with rising demand for drones in just about every sector, has led to some exciting, and sometimes crazy, uses of a drone. 1. […]

Drone Insurance Platform SkywatchAI Integrates With 9 Leading Brokers

we are skywatch

The news comes as a pleasant surprise to both recreational and commercial drone operators. It shows that the UAS ecosystem still has room for innovation. The nine brokers are Falcon Insurance, Aviation Marine, Fields Group, InsureMyDrone (MFE Insurance), Harpenau Insurance, Aerial Pak (Hill & Usher), Plimsoll Specialty, Sky Smith and Skyvuze. The insurance program is […]