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The 5 Best Online Drone Courses on Udemy, Coursera and Skillshare

tips on drone liability insurance, marketing and other areas

Whether you are a commercial drone pilot (or planning to become one) or you fly drones just for fun, there are always ways you can improve your skills. While there are plenty of drone schools you can attend for in-person training, online learning is also a great and convenient way to acquire new skills. We’ve […]

Planning to Fly Your Drone In the UK? Here are the New Rules You Should Know About

best drone insurance

With drones increasingly causing hazardous situations in airports and near planes, the UK government has introduced a raft of new regulations aimed at hobbyist drone owners. The new rules tighten the existing regulations and introduce serious penalties for drone owners who break them. If you are planning to travel to the UK to fly your […]

New DJI Mavic Drones Will Have Better Cameras and Longer Flight Times

New camera drones in the DJI Mavic series

DJI’s Mavic Pro and the more recent Mavic Air are some of the most popular drones in the market right now. The two 4K camera drones are popular among aerial photography/videography professionals and hobbyists. Now, DJI has confirmed that two new camera drones in the Mavic series are in the works. It’s essentially one drone, […]

NTSB and Law Enforcement Are Using Drones to Map Accident Scenes

aerial camera drones are being used for accident investigations

When road accidents happen, police on the ground can spend hours at the scene of the accident trying to figure out what happened. It’s necessary but tedious work that is essential in keeping roads safe. But to save time and carry out better investigations, local police departments are increasingly turning to drones. Local governments have […]

What it Takes to Become a Good Drone Racer (Tips for Beginners)

drone racer with FPV racing goggles hovering

As drone use in areas like photography and mapping grows, there’s also a rapidly growing and vibrant community dedicated to extreme FPV racing. If you’ve been thinking about racing a drone yourself, I’m sure you’ve watched a few videos online or maybe even attended a drone racing event. And boy do they make it look […]

Why Google and Amazon are Happy About a Court’s Ruling on Hobby Drones

DJI Spark - one of the most popular hobbyist drones

In 2015, the FAA set up new rules requiring hobbyist drone owners to register their UAVs online. The new regulations were ultimately struck down in 2016 when John Taylor, a drone hobbyist, successfully challenged the FAA in court. Now, a judge in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit has reversed that ruling, […]

How to Prevent Drone Flyaways (and What to Do If You Have a Lost Drone)

how to prevent a drone flyaway and what to do if you have a lost drone

Drone flyaways are more common than you think and can happen to anyone whether you are a beginner or an expert. Here are some tips for preventing a flyaway and how to recover your lost drone if it happens. But first, why do flyaways happen anyway? What Causes Drone Flyaways? A drone flyaway happens when […]