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10 Action-Packed Sports Drone Videos

Surfing across the setting sun

With an increase in the global appeal of sports, organizers today are looking for new and innovative ways to shoot the happenings on the field for viewers at home to watch. Drone technology can come in handy here as it captures every bit of the pulsating action on a sports field for viewers to enjoy at home.

In this article we look at some of the best sports drone videos, capturing key and intense moments. These videos are a great advert for the potential drone technology can hold in sports coverage.

1. Drone Shots of 6 Incredible Action Sports

This amazing drone compilation video captures not one, but six different action sports in all their glory. The coverage of action sports including surfing, snowboarding and skating was a bit limited before drone technology. Drone cameras can now capture every bit of the thrill and adventure in these sports by going up close to star performers. Some of these footages are extraordinary and will leave you gasping with astonishment.

2. Compilation of Best Action Sports Videos

This video is a compilation of the best action sport videos from 2018. All of these fascinating footages have been captured by drones. You get to enjoy the intricacies of the sport, along with a detailed look into how the performers take every turn and the maneuvers they put into the process. It is wonderful how drones can capture the true elegance of the environment and the topography surrounding these sports.

3. Car Drifting and Racing Drone Footage

This exciting drone footage takes you up close with drifting cars and expert drivers. Car drifting is an extreme action sport and some of the close calls in this video will leave you shocked.

4. Surfing With a Drone

This drone footage also introduces a new sport by the name of drone surfing. Performers take their drones along with them, as they surf through tranquil water. The footages show the thrill of surfing and how drones capture the experience in full detail.

5. Watching Live Football Scrimmages Through a Drone

Have you ever wanted to watch a live American football scrimmage shot through a drone? Well, your wildest dream is about to come true. This drone footage captures a football scrimmage aerially and shows you all the bumps and thuds involved in the process.

6. Flying Camera Knocked Out

The skies have always been unchartered territory in cricket. Whenever a ball was hit up into the night sky, there was no chance of its path being disturbed. However, with recent flying cameras, the inevitable happened during this match between India and Australia. A shot by one of the Aussies directly crashed into the flying cameras, leading to some amazing pictures.

7. Bike Race Drone Footage

Riding bikes is all about consistency, perseverance and stamina. This drone footage shows you the intricate details in road bike racing and how competitors battle against each other to get their hands on the laurels.

8. FPV Drones vs. Superbikes

We have seen videos of drones filming action bikes, but this video takes the process even further by showing a battle between superbikes and FPV drones. The bikes combat with drones in this one to see who comes up on top. Some remarkable footage for you to enjoy!

9. Mountain Biking Through a Drone

Mountain biking through tough trails is quite a challenge. Not only is it risky, but it is taxing on your body as well. You want to see the experience up close? Well, this video is your opportunity to do so. This drone footage captures all the details of mountain biking through the eye of a drone.

10. Rugby in the Arctic

We bet you haven’t seen anything like this ever before. This drone footage takes you the snowy grounds of Arctic and shows footages of a thrilling rugby match between two competitive teams. Talk about breaking the ice!

We hope you enjoyed these sports drone videos and will share them with your friends to pass the thrill and excitement on.

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