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10 Awesome Freestyle Drone Videos

Picture of an FPV drone with GPS

Freestyle FPV videos have revolutionized drone technology to offer a more skillful and lucrative experience for users. The idea behind FPV freestyle videos is to mount your HD camera on an FPV racing quad-copter and get the best footage in real time.

Think of drone filming as a Honda Civic rolling around a scenic location and capturing the smallest details. Now, freestyle drone videos improve on that to offer you the speedy experience of a Nissan GT-R on an aerial spin across the mountains.

Freestyle drone videos are usually shot across hilly regions, empty parks, abandoned buildings, downtown skyscrapers and even in a spooky forest. In this article we take you through 10 of the most awesome freestyle drone videos to introduce you to this more exciting sequel to drone filming.

1. Miami Freestyle by Johnny FPV

Johnny FPV is one of YouTube’s biggest stars when it comes to freestyle drone videos. This FPV freestyle video of Miami takes you through the many skyscrapers of the city in a new light. We absolutely love the cinematic angle and speed here.

2. Running Through Old Buildings

This freestyle drone video takes you through an old spot going through some serious changes. The video offers a fun experience and shows you an all new side to drone filming and freestyling.

3. Freestyling at Vance Creek Bridge

This YouTuber took to the Vance Creek Bridge to showcase his brilliant FPV freestyling standards. The video is exhilarating and should be avoided by people suffering with acrophobia.

4. Freestyling at Its Best

This amazing drone video is a great advert for why you should freestyle at 800mW. The video takes you through an old construction site with plenty of wall engravings inside.

5. Running Through Concrete

There is nothing more exciting than freestyling through a solid concrete building. This famous YouTuber Mr. Steele has shocked quite a few with his freestyling techniques in this video.

6. Freestyling Compilation

What’s better than a freestyle drone video? A compilation of exciting freestyle videos shot by drone artists! This video will definitely leave you impressed and will give you a chance to enjoy nature at pace.

7. Flight of the Year

Labeled flight of the year on YouTube, this freestyle FPV video covers it all. From trains and bridges to rapids, mountains, streams and sunshine, this drone video has it all.

8. Flying Over Switzerland

Freestyling videos don’t get better than this. This video takes you through a cinematic setting over the Alps and mountains of Switzerland. We’re impressed by the photography skills of the pilot.

9. Showing Off Freestyling Skills

This underground freestyling comp pits experts against experts to see who can show off their skills in a better manner. The results are in front of you as different FPV freestylers showcase their style.

10. Epic Freestyle Video

Shot in the UK by a renowned freestyler, this video takes you through some exciting moments. You will love the jump into the giant hole, among other enthralling captures.

Freestyle drone videos are loved by users, as they offer the optimal excitement and fun of drones at home. You can learn new skills as well by watching the pros show off their skills in these videos.



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