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10 Awesome New Drone Racing Videos

Views from inside a drone racing circuit

While drone racing first started as a mindless excursion, it has now developed into a popular sport. Drone racing videos online get plenty of hits and there are people who would pay to watch these videos live – in person or through a streaming app.

When you watch a few videos of drone racing you realize there is very little not to like about the experience. Professional drone flyers go one-up against each other to see who can deliver the best results. These videos are watched by thousands and millions of viewers rooting for their favorite star.

In this article we take you through 10 of the best drone racing videos. Stick with us as we enjoy the ups and downs of the process, including the competitive environment.

1. FPV Drone Racing in Melbourne

This drone racing video takes you to an abandoned warehouse in Melbourne. Almost 30 established drone pilots and racers fly their customized drones to eternal glory. The colorful drones and the eeriness of the circuit lead to amazing aesthetics.

2. FPV Espana Racing

Spain has its own drone team and it is fun seeing them battle it out against each other for laurels. The racing capabilities on display here are some of the best you’ll ever see.

3. Aerial Sports League

The Aerial Sports League circuit is quite famous with drone flyers today as it has unique challenges and routes for drone experts to master. The races on this circuit, including this one, are fun to watch and include dare-devil stunts.

4. World Drone Prix, Dubai

The World Drone Prix in Dubai was one of the first million dollars drone races that the world got to witness. The winning team got to take home a handsome amount of money. The money is used to lure in drone flyers from over the globe and to build enthusiasm in them.

5. Car vs. Drone Race

This custom-made car vs. drone race takes you through an enthralling journey. Custom made by an Indian tech expert, this race offers a lot for you to enjoy. It is always fun to see different machines battle it out against each other – something you will find out after watching this video.

6. Epic Drone Race

Drone racing does not get better than this. This drone racing video at nighttime takes you through an amazing view of lighting and cameras. The lights are well lit-up and illuminated to form an interesting circuit.

7. Racing and Educational

This drone racing video is actually educational as well. This YouTube channel owner races the fastest pilot and racer in Australia – Thomas from BMSWEB. The interviewer also asks a number of questions from Thomas, who is willing to guide interested viewers toward professional drone racing.

8. Drone Race and Crash

It is always sad to see a drone race end in a crash. These Youtubers took two DJI Phantom 4 drones up to a golf course for a race, and unfortunately one of them crashed leading to expensive damage. Racing is not always fun and games!

9. Xtreme Drone Circuit Las Vegas

The Xtreme Drone Circuit in Las Vegas is a delight for viewers to watch. The circuit is well lit-up and has all the illumination you need for a thrilling game of drone racing. The extreme obstacles in the circuit make for an interesting experience as well.

10. Drone Racing Battle

This drone racing battle is by far the most popular drone racing video on the internet. The compilation takes you through some of the most intriguing twists and turns of a drone race along with all the graphic details involved.

Drone racing is an actual sport today and many of these videos played a role in giving it that perception. We hoped you enjoyed watching these videos as much as we did compiling the list.

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