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10 Beautiful Nature & Wildlife Drone Videos

Picture of a deer standing in a forest

While drone cameras have had an impact on a number of industries and markets, they have revolutionized wildlife photography for the better. Drone cameras tend to capture the exotic beauty of wildlife and nature for people to enjoy on their televisions or mobile sets at home.

The aerial advantage of drone photography ensures that they capture the entire flora and fauna of a wildlife setting. The bird eye view adds to the understanding viewers have of nature and the wildlife that is such a proud part of it.

In this article we take a look at 10 of the most elegant nature drone videos. These videos are testimony to just how useful drones are in capturing the true essence of our ecosystem.

1. Covering African Wildlife

Ah, Africa! Host to a wide variety of wild animals and topography, Africa is our most unfiltered and real exposure to wildlife and nature. This video takes you through the entire spectrum of natural and wildlife beauty in Africa. Enjoy 2 minutes of unfiltered splendor here.

2. Wild Botswana in 4K

When you take to Africa there is no other country with as many natural and wildlife resources as Botswana. The country has acres of natural fields and forests to boast.

3. Behind the Scenes Drone Videos

Obviously what we see on Nat Geo and on our television sets are carefully documented and properly filtered versions of wildlife in Africa. This video takes you behind the scenes and shows you the true essence of wild African animals in their natural habitat.

4. Compilation of Beautiful Drone Videos of Nature

This drone video compilation takes you back 5 years in time and shows you the beauty and elegance of nature. The icy blue waters and the acres of green fields show you nature in its true form, without human exposure of any kind.

5. Albania Through a Drone

Albania is one of the more beautiful countries on our planet and boasts grassy mountains and raging rivers. This drone footage captures a bird’s eye view of Albania’s most beautiful spots.

6. Beauty of This World

As good as it feels to see towering sky scrapers and the bustling city life around you, there is nothing that can slightly parallel the beauty of the nature around us. This video perfectly captures every aspect of nature in its true glory.

7. Breathtaking Africa

There is something about Africa and its ubiquitous wilderness that makes us gasp in delight. This video of wildlife in Africa would surely take you on a ride through some of the most scenic and natural views you will ever see.

8. Colorful Birds of the Rainforest

How can we leave the Amazon rainforest out of our collection of amazing nature drone videos? The Rainforest is powering our ecosystem forward and nestled in the trees is an array of different wildlife species.

9. 4K Drone Film of Earth From Above

Soothing, calming and pacifying are just some of the words that come to mind when watching this video. Spanning over 4 hours in length, this video is definitely a go-to if you crave the peace that comes with viewing nature.

10. Best Drone Shots of 2019

While this compilation of the best drone shots in 2019 includes many man-made marvels as well, the elegance with which the photographer has captured nature truly excites us. Videos like these make us fall in love with this world all over again.

The world around us is beautiful and exciting. These exotic videos of wildlife and nature will surely help you appreciate the beauty of this planet and how there is so much beyond what meets the eye. Enjoy these videos and enjoy Mother Nature from within your home.

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