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10 Best Farms and Fields Drone Videos

An aerial picture of farm

Drone aircraftshave been more than just a revelation in the field of farming and agriculture. These aircrafts have not only revolutionized the way farmers work, but have also helped them in monitoring their fields in a more productive manner.

In this article we take a look at some of the best farms and fields drone videos. These videos take you into the world of farmers and agricultural land and show you majestic fields from over the world.

1. Beautiful Farms and Fields Drone Footage

This beautiful footage of farms and fields takes you around fields of mustard and rice. The fields are set in a rustic green setting and span acres of land. The high resolution drone camera captures the true essence of the fields, and the crops on them.

2. Aerial Footage of Fields

Shot in the Indian city of Orissa, this drone footage takes you through lush green crops and acres of fields. The cloudy weather also adds to the quality of the end result, as you are taken through the fields with a backdrop of clouds and haze. This video perfectly captures the look and feel of farming in Orissa and other Northern Indian states.

3. Farmland in Illinois

This drone footage of farmland in Illinois takes you through captivating fields of soybean and corn. Corn and soybean are farmed extensively in the state of Illinois, and this drone footage does a good job at capturing them. We love the backdrop of green trees and scattered houses.

4. Bristle Farm Corn Harvest

This video of corn harvesting in Bristle farms takes you through the entire harvesting process. Corn is primarily farmed across the United States today and is a key ingredient in many popular retail products. This footage takes you through the process of corn harvesting so you can enjoy the view over the fields at the Bristle Farm.

5. Farm Vlog

Ever wanted to watch a quality v-log covering life in a farm? Well, you are at the right place if you ever did. This video takes you through life at a farm, along with a detailed look at how people associated with farming go through their lives.

6. Drone Video of African Wildlife

This drone video takes you through fields in Africa and the wildlife this continent is so famous for. Africa has a wide variety of flora and fauna, and it has been captured in this video.

7. Agricultural Drone Inspection

This video takes you through the agricultural drone inspection process. The video includes footage from a typical drone inspection and takes you through the process. The corn fields located in the state of Ohio are lush green and include a natural flow to them.

8. Educational Video of Sugarcane Planting in Louisiana

Sugarcane planting is a major activity today in the state of Louisiana. This video takes you through the entire process and gives an educational take on the matter. We love how the video captures the entire experience.

9. Sunflower Fields in Sanborn, NY

Sunflower fields are not only attractive to look at, but also make for attractive viewing. This drone video takes a fresh look at Sunflower fields in Sanborn, NY and gives you viewership gold to look at.

10. Hay Season

Hay season is always a spectacle to watch in fields and farms. Hundreds and thousands of farmers take to their fields to collect and store hay for future use. The process is quite taxing in itself and requires undivided effort. This drone video captures a unique perspective of rural farming during hay season.

The world of agriculture and farming is developing around us today. We have a number of major farming innovations backed with the use of drones for filming the experience. We hope you loved these videos and will follow our blog for more such compilations.

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