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10 Best Golf Course Drone Videos

Aerial picture of a golf course

The grassy fields and the scenic locations are what make so many viewers fall in love with the game of golf. In fact, many professional players first took up golf as a sport because it didn’t only help entertain them, but also brought them closer to the peace and tranquility of nature.

Most golf courses today exude natural beauty and are a delight to look at. In this article we take you through a grand tour of 10 of the best golf course drone videos. Stick with us and enjoy the elegant views on display here.

1. Golf Courses With Gary Lisbon

Gary Lisbon is one of the most accomplished golf course photographers today. Having covered over 500 courses, Lisbon has authority over these fields. This drone footage includes notes and guidance from Gary Lisbon and shows you the best of golf courses from the sky.

2. The Beauty of Cypress Point Golf Club

The Cypress Point Golf Club is ranked among the best golf courses in the world today. The acres of grassy land are surrounded by the icy blue coastal region, giving an exotic look worth the views. Would definitely be fun having a swing in this golf course.

3. Filming Golf Session With Drone

This drone video takes you through an individual’s golf session. Drone photography has immense potential in filming golf and other sports, which is pretty evident through this video.

4. Richmond Country Club

The Richmond Country Club is also ranked among some of the best golf courses in our globe. This country club has an 18-hole field and has patches of sand nestled between the grassy lands. The landscape of this golf course makes for a fun time golfing.

5. Compilation of Best Drone Golf Course Videos

This video compilation from 2015 takes you through some of the best golf courses located on scenic locations, amidst scenic views. These courses exude beauty of the highest order and are surely a delight to look at.

6. Peninsula Kingwood Country Golf Club

The Peninsula Kingwood Country Golf Club has been host to multiple golf tournaments and is surely a wonder to look at in the backdrop of the setting sun. The golf course has been redesigned for contemporary purposes and is surely a work of art and nature.

7. The Majestic Evian Resort Golf Club

There is something about golf resorts and the golf clubs inside that excites us. This Evian Resort Golf Club has majestic trees and a background of clear blue water. The horizon surely looks magnificent.

8. Royal County Down Golf Club

The Royal County Down Golf Club is known to be the best golf course in the entire world. This drone footage takes you through the landscape of the course and how it captures all forms of landscape in Northern Ireland.

9. Long Reef Golf Club

Located just outside of Sydney, Australia, the Long Reef Golf Club takes you up close to the water. This golf course is located on top of a reef and is definitely a work of art.

10. Forest Hills Country Club

A lot has changed at the Forest Country Club with the passage of time. What hasn’t changed, however, is how the club is still host to a timeless test of golf. This video covers the entire landscape of the region for you to witness.

Golf courses do attract people for a good game of golf and enjoyment. With drone videos of these courses you can enjoy and marvel at the glory of these courses from home.

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