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10 Best Inspection Drone Videos

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With the development and growing use of drone technology around us, multiple industries are adopting methods to integrate drone cameras into their daily processes. These days, drone inspections are a major part of almost every industry that uses visual inspection for maintenance procedures.

Drone technology can collect useful visual data and relay it over to the people in charge to determine the changes that are needed. Drone inspections can save inspectors and contractors from putting themselves in a dangerous position. For instance, drone cameras now perform roof inspections and save repairmen from climbing on top of shaky roofs to inspect damages. This can save time and injuries.

In this article we look at some of the best inspection drone videos. Stay with us and see just how much drone cameras have assisted individuals in the inspection industry.

1. Construction Site Inspection

There is no better use case of drone technology than in the construction industry. This video takes you through the job site monitoring, inspection and surveying done by a drone. The end results are thorough and can help constructors gain the right idea to tackle difficult property projects.

2. AUAV Drone Rail Bridge Inspection

Drones can really help inspect and fix glitches in rail bridges. This high quality drone video takes you through an inspection of a railroad bridge, and the 3D model that was created through this inspection video.

3. Roof Inspection

As we mentioned in our introduction, drone cameras can help with roof inspection. This drone video takes you through the roof inspection process and how drones can chip in to not only assist, but improve the process.

4. Drone Inspection of Construction Process

This drone inspection video takes a look at the construction progress at a drone site. It takes you through the safety process and the pace at which work is being carried out on the site.

5. Promo Video

This promo video looks at the capabilities of drone cameras in drone assisted inspection. Drone cameras can go a long way in ensuring that all parts of the process are covered and there are no corners left unattended.

6. Wind Turbine Inspection

This wind turbine inspection video has been shot through a drone camera and takes you through the entire inspection process. We love the attention to detail in some parts of the video.

7. Elios 2 Drone

The Elios 2 drone camera comes with the intuitive purpose of performing indoor inspections for confined spaces. It is hard for construction workers to go inside confined spaces and inspect the structural integrity of components inside. However, this drone camera can make this task relatively easy by not only going into these confined spaces, but also delivering you live footage of the inspection.

8. Tower Inspection Through Drone

Drone technology offers an intuitive way for inspection teams to inspect and analyze the structural integrity of towers and other tall structures. Drones offer teams a convenient way to inspect towers and study the need for repairs or replacements.

9. Drones for Home Inspections

Many constructors and realtors today use drone cameras for home inspections. This video takes you through this process with a helpful guide on how to use drones for inspections. The video includes opinions from experts and real life footage to use drone technology for home inspections.

10. Agricultural Drone Inspection

The last video on our list is of an agricultural drone inspection. Drone cameras are extensively used in agriculture to closely inspect acres of fields, without farmers having to go through the trouble of walking around the fields every week or two. This video gives you an example of a typical agricultural inspection.

Drone cameras are now extensively being used in the field of inspection and construction workers, realtors and farmers have adopted them to improve inspection standards and output.

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