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10 Best Media & News Drone Videos

Aerial view of Boudhanath Stupa after earthquake

After years of initial turbulence and regulations, drone photography has finally come into its own. Quadcopters with cameras are now available in better quality at cheaper rates, turning more news agencies, media houses and professional aerial enthusiasts toward drones.

While drones were initially used for covering nature, cityscapes, real estate listings, concerts and sports, they have now found their most recent calling in news and media coverage. In this article we look at some of the best media and news drone videos. These videos bring a new angle to drone photography and turn more heads.

1. Drone Footage of Baghdadi’s Death

Abu Bark al-Baghdadi, a renowned terrorist operating from northern Syria, was recently killed in a military raid conducted by the Pentagon and United States military. This drone footage captured the excruciating details from the event and presents them for us to see.

2. Earthquake Damage in Nepal

Almost 5 years ago, the country of Nepal went from extensive damage after an earth-shattering quake hit the northern regions. The damage in the epicenter of the earthquake is covered within this drone video.

3. Azerbaijan and Armenian Conflicts

Techniques and methods surrounding war are changing around. Unmanned air vehicles are now commonly used by countries to attack each other without collateral human loss. This drone footage shows an Azerbaijani drone hitting targets within Armenia.

4. Drone Video of Migrants’ Arrival

A number of migrants travelled to the shores of France and Germany from Syria during recent conflicts. This video shows the arrival of these migrants to safe shores, as they leave their war stricken nation behind them.

5. Oregon Wildfires

Recent wildfires across Oregon, Washington and California have caused a lot of damage and suffering. This drone video of Oregon City after the wildfires swept through it shows the extent of the damage. Viewer discretion is recommended.

6. Wuhan After the Pandemic Started

The COVID-19 pandemic originated from the Chinese city of Wuhan and spread across the world from its epicenter. This footage from around the start of 2020 shows the deserted and eerie streets of Wuhan after lockdown measures were imposed. These scenes sent the whole world into shock and frenzy over what was to come.

7. Refugees on Slovenia-Croatia Border

The refugee crisis is real across Europe and this drone video sheds some light on it. Posted by Guardian News, this video gives you an idea of the people crossing the border to enter Croatia and then head toward the mainland.

8. Frozen Niagara Falls

While many people adore the Niagara Falls for the free flowing water and the gushing winds, the waterfalls look even better when frozen. This drone video captures the waterfalls in a frozen state, still attracting tourists from across the globe.

9. Drone Footage of Vandalism and Damage in South Minneapolis

Earlier this year, we saw a number of Black Lives Matter protests and demonstrations in the United States after the brutal death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer. This drone footage captures the damage that south Minneapolis suffered as a result of these protests. The fires can still be seen raging as firefighters try their luck at stopping them.

10. Beirut Explosions

Just a couple of months ago, the internet exploded with videos of an explosion in Beirut. While the initial footage captured the live explosion, this drone footage reveals the scale of damage to homes. The drone takes you on a ride across the city, giving you a peek inside devastated homes with extensive damage.

With a number of media and news drone videos, picking the best was a tough task, but we hope you were intrigued by this collection and realize the role that drone cameras play in covering international news and media events now.


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