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10 Best Real Estate Drone Videos

Real estate drone videos

Drone cameras are extensively being used in the real estate industry today. These cameras not only help film property through a new lens, but also ensure that the end result is in line with what buyers expect. Drone videos can also be perfect for giving potential buyers an idea of their neighborhood, without actually having to visit the place. The extended bird-view angle captures properties from a distance and includes all that needs to be seen.

In this article we take a look at some of the best real estate drone videos. You can study these videos as potential buyers or just as basic fans of real estate.

1. Luxury Real Estate Property

This luxury real estate property was up in the market a few years ago and we got some brilliant real estate footage to enjoy as a result of its popularity. This video captures not only the exuberance of the property itself, but also widens the angle to capture the fields surrounding this property.

2. Indoor Drone Video

We have all heard of aerial drone footage, but have you ever seen an indoor drone video of a house? Well, let us tell you that the results are way better than what you would get through a walking tour of the place. The indoor footage covers new angles and gives new insights into the property.

3. Remarkable Video of a Remarkable House

This drone video does justice to the remarkable house that is being shot here. This video has been shot with a drone and takes you through acres of lush green land and the remarkable house that sits in the middle of it all. We love the natural location and feeling of this house.

4. High Quality Real Estate Video

This high quality real estate video takes you through an elegant real estate property. We love just how well made this property is, and how it is surrounded by some exceptional artwork. The majestic staircase and the quality structure of this house have won our heart.

5. Indoor Real Estate Video

We have to say we have become big fans of indoor real estate videos. This indoor real estate footage takes you through the interior space and gives you a unique and conclusive perspective on how the house looks in real.

6. Stunning Promo of Real Estate Property

Agents today have their hard work cut out, as they can use drones to rope in a number of clients to their property. With a simple drone video, real estate agents can showcase their properties to international clients as well as local ones. We are definitely in awe of how good this property looks.

7. Luxury Real Estate by the Beach

We all love the look and feel of beach houses. Malibu is famous because of its beach houses. You can get a good look at a quality beach house in this real estate video. The video takes you through the surrounding environment and the house itself.

8. DJI Spark Result

This video is shot on a DJI Spark and includes local houses from an American neighborhood up on sale. We love the clarity of the output, and how the video has been able to capture these structures in their full glory.

9. Commercial Real Estate

We have had a good look at residential properties on this list, and it is time now that we have a look at commercial real estate drone videos. Commercial real estate is just as much, if not more of, a delight to look at. This video takes you through multiple commercial properties in an area – only made possible through aerial drone footage.

10. Simple Country House

This real estate listing of a simple country house is just what you need to contrast the opulence and elegance of some of the structures that we have looked at in this article. We like the results on offer here, and are in awe of the simplicity.

Real estate advertisements and listings have come a long way in the past few years. The end results are fascinating and can seriously excite you.



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