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10 Cool Micro Drone Videos

An aerial picture of a micro drone

A micro drone, or a micro air vehicle, is a basic variant of drone technology. These drones rank in a different class of miniature drones that have a size restriction and can even be autonomous in certain conditions. Modern micro drones can be as small as 5 centimeters and have a small camera equipped on them. Development in micro drone technology was driven for military, research, commercial and government purposes.

With insect-sized micro drones expected to be launched in the future, these miniature versions will get even smaller.In this article we look at drone videos of and from micro drones. Enjoy this selection, because you get to see captivating footage taken from a relatively new perspective.

1. Best Mini NanoQuadcopters

This video takes you through a detailed list of the 5 smallest and best mini nanoquadcopter drones with camera. Don’t let the size of these drones fool you, as they are fully capable of flying and capturing video output.

2. Instructional Video for Micro Drone

This Propel RC Quark Micro Drone is the first of its kind and comes in a unique size. This video takes you through the instructions for operating this drone and exactly what it is capable of doing.

3. Test Flight of Micro Drone 2.0

This video takes you through the first test flight for a micro drone. The test flight includes tips on flying the drone and any other specifications that you should keep in mind during the operations.

4. Micro Drone 4.0

The Micro Drone 4.0 is the more recent addition to the micro drone family and is a super intelligent, autonomous device. The drone can function smoothly without any hiccups or deterrents as such. It is also available at an affordable price.

5. Micro Drone Review

The Propel Maximum X01 micro drone is one of the best in the market today and is capable of performing multiple functions. This video takes you through the intricate details of the propel micro drone and how it functions.

6. X20 Micro Drone

The X20 micro drone might look small to the eye, but it sure is capable of brewing up plenty of mischief. This micro drone is fast and also has air pressure sensors installed in it.

7. Demonstration of Micro Drone

This 8 year old video takes you through a demonstration of micro drones when they were first launched. The demonstration is ideal and gives an in-depth perspective of how much these drones have changed over the years.

8. Black Hornet Military Drone

This video takes you through the experience of flying an $80,000 micro drone at the Avalon International Airshow. The drone looks small, but is capable of doing multiple tasks.

9. Filming With a Micro Drone

Micro drones are changing the way we film things around us using drone technology. This popular YouTube video takes you through the filming experience of a Tiny Drone with a 4k camera on it.

10. Trick Shots on a Micro Drone

Micro drones are capable of performing a number of trick shots, and this video is testimony to that. This micro drone video will take you through multiple trick shots in the book and how you can master it on a mini drone.

Micro drones were first launched in the market 6 to 7 years ago and have come a long way since then. The videos in this article will help you understand the difference in video output from 6 years ago and today.


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