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10 Craziest FPV Drone Videos

Picture of an FPV drone with GPS

FPV or first-person view is a more recent addition to drone cameras. Also known as video piloting or remote person view, FPV is a method used today to control a drone or a controlled device through the pilot’s or driver’s view point.

You usually fly your drone standing stationary on the ground. You have no idea what the drone camera is actually filming and can only check results later. With an FPV drone camera, you can check the results as the drone flies above. This gives pilots better control over their device and can help make better videos.

In this article we look at some of the craziest FPV drone videos from over the internet. Stay with us as we look at how FPV drone videos add a new perspective to drone filming.

1. Compilation of Crazy FPV Drone Videos

This compilation takes you through a number of FPV videos on the internet. With 30 minutes of unedited footage available, you can clearly see just how fast and rapid FPV drone filming is.

2. Miami FPV Filming

Miami is host to a number of landmarks and natural wonders, and what better way to film them than through an FPV drone? This FPV drone video takes you through the city of Miami and gives you a chance to enjoy detailed drone cinematic effects.

3. FPV Over Switzerland

This cinematic drone video takes you over the mesmerizing Alps and scenic beauty of Switzerland. Known as ‘heaven on Earth’, Switzerland is famous for its natural landmarks. This enthralling FPV video takes you through a ride across the nation.

4. Ultimate FPV Experience

There is no doubting the fact that FPV footageis a lot more in-depth and detail oriented than any other form of filming ever can be. Our claims can be proven through this amazing visual experience shot through a FPV drone camera.

5. Motor Sports FPV

Car racing is quite fun to watch, especially when there are a number of drifts and thrilling turns involved. This drone footage captures some exciting and crazy moments from one of these races.

6. Budapest Through an FPV Camera

Located in Hungary, Budapest is known to be the traditional capital of the world. The city is host to a number of traditional structures and is a delight to go through. You will specifically love this FPV drone footage of the city.

7. Best of FPV 4K

FPV 4K footage takes you through a number of crazy twists and turns shot in high resolution. This footage will definitely catch your attention, as it offers the best of FPV.

8. Diving Across the BurjKhalifa

FPV footage doesn’t get better than this. Johnny FPV, who has a handle by the same name on YouTube, is known for his tricks and maneuvers as an FPV pilot. This time around, he picks his gears and takes you through a free fall ride alongside the massive BurjKhalifa. The video is definitely a must-see.

9. Nature through FPV

Shot around the south of the French Riviera, this FPV footage gives you first hand insight into nature and different landscape beauties. The amalgam between coastal areas and mountains is definitely worth gushing over.

10. The Waterfalls of Laos

Famous for its water bodies, Laos should definitely be on your tourism list if you like being around water. This FPV video takes you through some of the water falls in the region. The crazy FPV footage is fun to watch as it adds more life into the already raging waterfalls.

Flying an FPV drone is no easy feat. You have to control two control sticks and have to manage thrust and rotation in a way that does not drop video quality or output. However, once pilots master the art of flying, they can give some exciting footage for us to drool over.

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