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10 Fun Water Activities’ Drone Videos

Surfer at the ocean

Drone cameras have come a long way. While they were initially restricted and regulated by countries and administrations across the globe, they are now being welcomed with more open arms than ever before. Drone cameras are currently being used to film exciting water activities, and we believe some of the footages are worthy of being mentioned on this list.

In this article we look at some of the best water activities’drone videos. These videos give you the perfect adrenaline rush as you witness some of the very best performers in water sports.

1. Footages From Aquaria Water Park

The Aquaria Water Park in Calatagan, Philippines, is host to huge bodies of water and gives all users an opportunity to partake in some of the best water activities in the country. This video captures some of these videos for you to enjoy and mesmerize over at home. Mark the place on your calendar, for when the current COVID-19 wave is over.

2. Water Activities in New South Wales

New South Wales in Australia is host to mesmerizing beaches and exciting water bodies. The state of NSW has multiple water activities on the cards, as residents and travelers can head out to surf or take a ferry to the water. Australians love their water as can be seen through this video.

3. Drone Videos of Surfing

This drone compilation takes you through the best videos of surfing captured on a drone camera during the year 2016. Surfing is by far the most exciting water activity, as these videos prove as well. Surfers can be seen having a lot of fun, as they partake in their loved activity.

4. Kayaking through Iceland With the Serrasolses Brothers

Kayaking is considered to be an exciting water sport in Iceland. The country itself has a number of streams and lakes where travelers can head to with their gear. This video takes you through the icy caves and cold water of Iceland. The Serrasolses Brothers are quite famous in the country for their regular kayaking adventures.

5. Kayaking in Raging Water

Kayaking can take a whole new turn toward adventure and risk when rocky streams and high-flowing rapids are involved. This drone footage captures the risk and adventure of this activity in full detail.

6. Kayaking Through Western Norway

The best part about capturing drone footage of kayaking is that you can include the scenic environment surrounding yourself as well in your footage. This sure is an added benefit when you are kayaking through majestic mountains with snow-capped peaks. This footage of kayaking from Western Norway is a delight to look at.

7. Drones Crashing in Water

Filming water activities through your drone is no easy feat. You have to ensure that you capture all the necessary details and don’t miss out on anything important. This video compilation takes you through multiple drones crashing in water.

8. Tahiti at Its Best

Tahiti is host to some of the best beach resorts and water activities. This aerial footage of raging tidal waves takes you through the water sports of Tahiti and how they all look from up above.

9. Surfing on the Gold Coast

No surfing footage can get better than this. This video captures surfers taking to the water on the Gold Coast as the sun sets in the background. The orange ring of fire generated by the setting sun makes for an even more enthralling experience as surfers impress with their skills. Definitely one of the best surfing videos from a drone!

10. Kayaking Through Narrow Streams

These kayakers hit the water through narrow pathways and rapid streams as they kayak to glory as a group. Kayaking is a fun and adventurous sport, and this drone video captures every detail of the experience you get. We love just how impressive this drone video is. Definitely worth the show reel!

Water activities have been around since ages, but drones have revolutionized the way they are captured and shown to audiences. Appreciate the skill of the drone and the operator as you witness these exciting water activities.



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