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10 Funniest Pets Drone Videos

Dog staring at a drone camera

Pets have never been fond of drones. In fact, they still haven’t come to terms with the buzzing of these devices when they hover across the air. Naturally, they’re dumbfounded as to what this particular object is. It surely doesn’t look like a bird and does not pass as a human either.

While pets are going through a tough time adjusting to the ubiquitous presence of drones around them, humans are becoming even more obsessed with them. Drones are now more popular than they ever were and are being used in a number of industries.

So, with the population of drone cameras growing rapidly and with no doubts about the contempt pets show at them, there are a number of funny pets drone videos available online. In this article, we mention 10 of the funniest videos of pets and drones online for laughs and casual fun.

1. Drone Fight Down Under

This drone camera was sent to observe Kangaroos inside a facility. Once the drone operator made the dreadful mistake of getting too close to land, the roo made it a personal battle and chased down the drone before knocking it down. That’s some vengeance!

2. Angry RAM

This RAM woke up and chose violence. This drone footage captures an angry RAM first attacking a drone and then aggressively charging toward the owner. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

3. Planet of the Apes: Drone Edition

This chimp surely has had enough with peculiar flying objects and challenges this drone at a Dutch zoo to a battle. The chimp has the advantage of a sturdy stick, as the drone trods into its territory. What results is a mean fest with the chimp feasting on his hunt?

4. Attacked by a Hawk

If land animals are intimidated by drone cameras, think about how they make birds feel. This hawk was having none of that and scooped close to a drone camera and pushed it into a catastrophic fall. Good going, Hawk!

5. Alligator Against a Drone

This hungry alligator at a Florida zoo eyed a drone camera as it neared its territory in the pond. The alligator finally leaped at it to have a bite of those wings and wires. However, the operator was clever enough to get out of the way in time. Poor Alligator has to go looking for some other prey.

6. Leopard Takes on Drone

Filming wild animals, especially those with skills unparalleled by others, can be a tough task. This drone camera was almost in the firing range when this leopard took it on and scared it away from its territory. The drone eventually had to take the aerial route, because the Leopard was just too fast to beat on land.

7. German Shepherd Leaps Toward Drone 

The German shepherd probably looked at the harmless drone in this video and thought he was having none of this buzzing, flying object. The growl and the spearing teeth surely can be scary.

8. Goose Attack

This DJI Phantom Vision II was gently filming and perusing a golf course when it went head to toe with a goose. The drone gradually backtracked, but it wasn’t before the goose leaped up and brought it down with its grip.

9. Bee Attack

This drone camera approached a tree for an aerial shot, unaware of the presence of a hive just around it. The camera was soon surrounded by a swarm of bees who thought of it as an alien invader.

10. Drone and Dog Compilation

Turns out your pet dog is definitely intimidated by the buzzing of drone cameras. This video gives you glaring insights into just how menacing drone cameras can be for your furry friend. Enjoy the funny compilation.

Drone videos do not get more hilarious than the funniest pets drone videos we have looked at in this article. Hope you enjoy and have a good laugh at these videos.


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