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10 New Police Law Enforcement Drone Videos

Law enforcement drone camera

Drones or Unmanned Air Vehicles are currently being used for police surveillance across the globe. More than 347 law-enforcement agencies over 43 states in the United States today have UAVs to assist officers on the field.

Police agencies use drones and UAVs to search and rescue people, investigate active shooter accidents, monitor traffic collisions, perform crime scene analysis and monitor crowds and masses. The implementation of drone technology across law-enforcement has proven to be a hit as these drones are being extensively used across states.

In this article we take a look at 10 of the best police law enforcement drone videos. Run through these videos and take a look at just how enthralling the entire experience can be.

1. Dramatic Encounter Captured in Chula Vista

Police in Chula Vista used a drone to capture an alleged domestic violence incident. This drone footage helped police round up an alleged domestic violence culprit and take action against him. The drone footage captures every intriguing detail of the process.

2. Catching Roof-Climber Burglar Suspect

Police in Daytona brought out their drone camera after a burglary suspect climbed on to the roof and started jumping from one roof to the other to escape the suspicious eyes of the police. The video is intriguing and exciting to look at.

3. Waukesha Police Department

This video segment takes you through how the Waukesha Police Department is using drone technology to improve law enforcement and to minimize crime. The drone is a necessary addition to their arsenal and helps with surveillance and proper mitigation.

4. Drone Footage of Panic Monger

The Ocean Breeze Club in Daytona Beach suffered a fake bomb threat on Saturday that scared the hotel staff and caused the entire hotel to be evacuated. Drone footage from the police drone camera later revealed the perpetrator’s face, as shown in this video.

5. Catching Drunkards and Open Defecators in India

Police in the Indian city of Karimnagar used drone cameras and footage captured through them to curb open defecation and arrest drunkards. The video captures drunkards defecating in the open and leading to other menaces.

6. Capturing Escaped Prisoner

This random footage from a YouTuber helped police find an escaped prisoner hiding within scanty bushes and shrubs around a tropical region. The footage led to a chase between law enforcers and the criminals, eventually leading to a win for the men in uniform.

7. Drone Video Captures Murder Suspect

This drone video released by Atlanta Police films the moments when the suspect charged with murder of actor Thomas Jefferson Byrd was captured. Viewers can catch an in-depth view of the arrest and how it transpired.

8. Capturing Romantic Couple Getaway in COVID-19

This drone video released by law enforcers in India captures a couple enjoying a romantic getaway in India. Hidden within the bushes, the couple defied lockdown measures to get up close with each other. The couple hid their faces and ran for cover as soon as they saw the drone hovering around them.

9. Police Shooting at Saint Cloud, MN

This drone video captures a police shooting happening in Saint Cloud, MN. The video captured by the MN Police Department shows a shooting scene with police audio from behind.

10. Gambling on Rooftop

This drone video takes you back to India, where a few men can now be seen gambling on the roof, despite the strict COVID-19 lockdown regulations in the country. The video captured a group of men gambling on a rooftop. The group can be seen running away for cover as soon as they are caught.

Drone cameras have found a new purpose in criminal surveillance and supervision. These videos act as proof of what drones can do to not only combat but minimize crime through constant supervision.

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