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8 Ways Drone Technology Is Changing the Real Estate Market

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With summers almost about to start, it is time for the home buying season to initiate in full flow. Real estate agents will be thronging your neighborhood, but this time they won’t be doing it physically but through the use of drones. Yes, the buzzing noise you heard over your neighbor’s house is a drone, and yes that means their home is up for grabs.

Drone photography is truly unique and it hosts a ton of potential for the real estate market. Real estate agents have a new weapon up their sleeves, and they wouldn’t shy away from using it.

Drones are changing the way real estate agents work, and in this article we look at all these interesting changes for further perspective.

1. High Quality Photos

Before the merger between drone technology and the real estate market, realtors had to rely on grainy images of properties picked up from Google Earth. If you wanted to skip the poor quality images on Google Earth, you would have to pay exuberant sums to studios. These studios would hire a helicopter or a small airplane and would get your pictures clicked for over $500 per 10 pictures. The exuberant amount and the low quality of the photos just made aerial shots of the property a premium idea.

With drone technology, you can get your unmanned air vehicle and take as many pictures you want with a one-time investment. The savings are crazy, and the quality is going to blow you and your clients away.

2. Sets You Apart

Another thing about drone technology in the real estate market is how it creates a big buzz around the market. Realtors using aerial shots taken by drones are hot property. Clients respect them for their use of technology and are willing to work with them.

In short, the whole addition helps set you apart. And, if you barely know anyone from the real estate market, you would know just how important it is for them to be set apart (above) others. Well, drone technology might become the industry standard sometime in the future, but what’s stopping you from milking the opportunity now?

3. Better Pictures for Bigger Homes

Some homes can’t just be captured from on-ground photography. You need something grand and exuberant to showcase the entire grandeur of the property. Drone technology is your solution to this, as it allows you to cover all picturesque angles of a property from above.

With drone technology you know what to do if you have to sell a two-storey home with an indoor basketball court and a private lakefront. You do not picture all of these selling points separately. You pick up your toy, position it for victory and take clicks that showcase all selling points in one frame.

4. Showcase the Land

Through drone technology, you can allow your buyers to see every potential aspect of the land and neighborhood around their home. Well, as a realtor, this is where you call some of the shots. Do you or do you not take aerial pictures of a home that’s located in a crowded neighborhood?

Consider your pros and cons, drone photography is meant to showcase beauty, and there is little it can do when there is nothing of that sort around. In short, drone technology is better suited for country homes or stables with plenty of forestation and land around to lure in customers.

5. A More Personal View

Believe it or not, buyers know whether they want a house or not, just through the pictures. The actual visit to the property is just a means for reaffirming the perception they had built earlier. To give your clients a more personal and clear view of the property, it is necessary that you cover all aspects within it.

As a real estate agent you aren’t just selling homes, but are selling a lifestyle. So, make sure that your drone photography is able to capture that lifestyle; because if it does, there is nothing stopping potential buyers from drooling over it.

6. Tour of the Town

What do you do if you have a client that has just moved into town and isn’t sure what to expect? Well, you take that toy of yours out and give them a personal tour of the town through it. Give your client an idea of what you have to offer. You will get a better view of water bodies, gold courses, parks, neighborhoods and other landmarks through the lens of a drone, than you would through any other means.

7. Privacy Concerns

The use of drone technology in the real estate market has added fuel to privacy concerns. This is a rather new headache for realtors, as they were previously accused of many things, but infringing privacy wasn’t one of them.

With drones, you never know when an annoyed neighbor might come out and accuse you of filming their property. Well, since your camera is in the air, they do have a fairly logical argument. The best way to avoid such a conundrum is to briefly check with the neighbors if they are okay with the photography. If they have nothing to hide, chances are they will agree.

8. Drone Expenses

While drones are relatively inexpensive, besides the initial cost of procuring them, you need to realize that what goes up does come down. Drones crash, often due to their own malfunction or due to some problem with the pilot’s efficiency. Falling from such a height does have a severe impact on the device and can render it useless. So, before you start taking your little toy on tours of the city, make sure that you know how to fly it and also have some sort of insurance on it. Insurance on drones isn’t obligatory yet, but what’s the harm if you could benefit from it?

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