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10 Best Cities Drone Videos

Aerial view of Manhattan in New York City

One of the most sought after applications of drone cameras lies in their ability to capture aerial photos and videos in a manner unprecedented. While aerial shots were possible before the rise and popularity of drone cameras, they sure have become more convenient and easier now.

From Vancouver to New York to Hong Kong, we look at some of the most amazing shots of cities from all over the world.

1. New York City Drone Shot

Decorated by wonderful skyscrapers and the gushing sound of sea breeze across all corners, New York City surely is a delight to look at. This video perfectly captures the highs and lows of the city through an aerial capture worth every skyscraper in the city.

2. The Brilliance of Vancouver

Vancouver has always been a favorite spot for tourists and admirers across the globe. The city has a bit of everything and is surely your spot for a wonderful vacation. We love the amazing shots in this video and the 4k resolution.

3. The Traditional Looks of Istanbul

While this drone video of Istanbul does not have Tom Cruise and Liam Neeson jumping over the roofs of shops near Blue Mosque, it sure does show the beauty of Istanbul in all its glory. The city boasts a traditional look and has plenty of architectural mosques from the days gone by.

4. The Glamour of Moscow

Moscow ranks highly among the best-planned cities across the globe and has towering skyscrapers along with a perfect mix of football stadiums and religious places. This 5K time-lapse is a work of art.

5. The Busy Life of Tokyo

The city of Tokyo is perhaps one of the busiest across the globe. Nestled in the business hub of Japan, Tokyo is host to a population of almost 20 million people. Residents head to and from work every day to create a picture of perfection.

6. London and the Big Ben

The London Eye, Big Ben, and many other towering clocks and buildings are unique to London. This drone video shows the city of London with all buildings basking in the glory of the River Thames.

7. Dubai and the Burj Khalifa

Dubai is the global tourist capital and is host to some of the biggest towers and skyscrapers. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building of the world and is beautifully captured in this drone video.

8. California Love

California has a diverse population, and the city has an urban setting of parks and brilliantly constructed buildings. This 4k Drone footage shows the glory of California for all outsiders to admire.

9. Rio de Janeiro and the Statue of Christ

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. The city is host to over 10 million people and has plenty of historic landmarks. This drone video captures the dense jungle of concrete in Rio along with the statue of the Christ.

10. Singapore the Lion City

The Lion City has never been seen this way before. This footage captures the eccentric beauty of Singapore and the man-made structures that make this city what it is. Photography and output are cinematic.

Tourists travel aficionados, and drone enthusiasts can all benefit from the videos we have shared above. Go through them again and mark your favorite cities.


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