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10 Cool Air-to-Air Drone Flying Videos

DJI Mavic bossing the skies

While all shots captured through a drone happen to look marvelous, we feel that there surely is more of a spark in air-to-air drone flying videos. Air-to-air videos basically include a flying drone filming another flying object in an aerial position. These videos happen to be great because they give us an aerial perspective of what things look like when two flying objects race against each other.

In this article we study a few cool air-to-air flying videos and look at the aesthetics on display:

1. Flying a Drone With Birds

Filming birds through a drone camera can be amazing. This picture shows a wide range of birds in full flight, as they fly across the ocean and different landscapes.

2. Drone Hit by a Bird

There is nothing quite like a collision between two flying objects. This drone was hit by a bird, but it was only after it filmed a herd of birds fly by.

3. Angry Birds vs. Drones

Filming birds through a drone camera lens doesn’t always go well. You are bound to be attacked by a few angry birds who don’t like their privacy being invaded by some flying camera.

4. FPV Drone Flying With Birds

This FPV drone flew with birds and we just love the amazing shots here. The birds seem to be peacefully gliding past a brilliant sunset and the drone captures it all in this soothing video of nature.

5. Soaring With the Birds

Soaring high up with the birds can be the dream for every drone enthusiast. This video shows a drone soaring up high with the vultures and eagles. The bird eye view of nature is also a delight to look at.

6. Drone Crash

Drones filming each other can often fall prey to a crash. This video of DJI Mavic Air vs. the DJI Phantom shows a crash between the two amazing drones. Surely viewership gold for us!

7. XIAOMI Mi Drone vs. DJI Phantom 4

We love side by side comparisons of drones, especially when the video shows the two fly alongside each other, exhibiting which one has more speed. This side by side comparison of two high-end drones is interesting.

8. Stopping Birds From an Attack

Birds surely can be a menace if you are thinking of filming air-to-air drone videos. This video gives you all the tips you need to stop birds from attacking your drone during full flight.

9. A380 Through a Drone

This YouTuber filmed an A380 take off through their drone. The video surely shows the magnificent side of airplanes and just how grand they look.

10. Mavic Pro Filming Airplanes

Remember that filming airplanes from drones are illegal and extremely risky. You can endanger the lives of so many people through a small act. This short video shows an individual with a brain piercing film an airplane fly close by. Do not try this yourself, as we aren’t promoting the actions of the video.

Air-to-air drone videos can be cool to look at, but we will warn future drone flyers from filming airplanes through their machine. You can shoot another drone from your drone and even birds, but don’t even go near airplanes.


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