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10 Cool Drone Formation Flying Videos

Drones flying in formation

You ever thought videos filmed through drone cameras were cool? Well, wait until you see these drones flying in formation against the night sky. Organizers have started using drones instead of fireworks to light up the night sky and celebrate their events.

In this article we look at a few of the coolest drone formation flying videos. Go through these videos and enjoy a splendid display of lights and grandeur.

1. An Upgraded Version of Fireworks

This drone formation flying video surely does make fireworks look lame. The formation of thousands of drones together creates a mesmerizing view on the night sky for everyone to adore and admire.

2. 1,000 Drones Flying in Formation

This dazzling drone formation show in Southwest China creates a breathtaking view. Over a 1,000 drones synchronize together to create the perfect imagery of drones flying in the right line.

3. Intel Breaking Records

This drone formation show by Intel creates a spectacular view by combining 1,500 drones together. The company created a world record with this amazing effort.

4. The Southwest China Show

This video is another look at the dazzling formation show by drones in Southwest China. Hundreds and thousands of drones come together to form amazing formations and light up the night sky.

5. Teaching Drones to Fly in Formation

Amazed at drone formation flying videos already? Well, you have to see the science that goes behind it. This video looks at how exactly drones are taught to fly in the right formation.

6. New Year 2020

Singapore marked the New Year 2020 with a display of formation flying drones. This amazing countdown sure is a delight to look at and makes us wish we were present at the live display.

7. Mini Drone Magic

This video shows a swarm of mini drones fashioning formations and creating magic. This display comes from the TED talk of a prominent drone formation creator.

8. Drones Flying in Formation

This video shows drones flying in formation together across the shiny night sky. Drones really do light up the night sky when they are going across in formation.

9. Intel’s Brilliance

Intel really did create a beautiful view in the night sky with their drone formation show. This video takes another look at the brilliance they created and why it went on to become so famous.

10. Quadcopters in Formation Flights

These 50 quadcopters combine together to light up the night sky and create amazing 3D models for everyone to see and be amazed at. The quadcopters surely do put up an amazing display.

Drone formation flying videos are amazing to look at, and we cannot wait to see more of them. Until then, you can put the videos above on repeat and enjoy them as much as you can.


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