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10 Cool New Car Drone Videos

Car captured through drone camera

Drones capture the excitement of driving a car fast as nothing else can. Flying cameras provide an entirely new perspective plus a ton of new trick shots that open the door for lots of creativity. In this article, we share ten new cool automobile drone shoots to inspire your next project. Enjoy!

1. A Compilation of Cool Shots

This video presents a compilation of the five best drone shots captured on a drone camera. The video is less than 2 minutes in length and has amazing car shots for you to admire.

2. Gorgeous White M4 Cruising Across the Mountains

Nothing parallels a drone capturing an exquisite vehicle as it rolls around scenic views. This drone video captures a BMW M4 rolling around a scenic neighborhood with plenty of sights and sounds in the background.

3. All Angles of the Subaru WRX 2015  

How do you amp up the way a car looks? Through a perfect drone shot! This video captures footage of a 2015 Subaru WRX, and God, the car looks amazing through this lens. The different angles add a lot of spark to the vehicle and make us admire it.

4. A How-to Guide for Filming Drone Car Videos

Watching cool car videos captured on drones can be exciting and fun, but only if you could film some of that stuff yourself. This how-to guide shows you the perfect way of capturing car videos with your drone. Go through it and master the art.

5. GTR Captured With the DJI Phantom 4  

Drones that fly along with the cars make for some amazing footage. This video shot with a DJI Phantom 4 follows the GTR and records every bit of class oozing from the vehicle. This is why drones rock!

6. The Hills are Alive with the Brilliance of Drone Cameras

Captured with scenic views on the sides, this drone video is a sight for all eyes. We love how the drone captures aerial shots to perfection and focuses on the car whizzing through the acres of road.

7. Cars in the Greater Los Angeles Area

This drone footage takes you to the streets and captures some of the cars parked and moving in the greater Los Angeles area. The cars are a delight to look at.

8. Epic Car Shoot

What happens when you have a few perfect-looking cars and a drone to shoot them? You end up creating viewership gold for all viewers. This drone video gives you an inside scoop of how some of the best cars perform and rank on the aesthetics chart.

9. Cinematic Drone Shots

Inspired by the cinematic drone shots on this list? Well, this is another video to inspire you to create cinematic shots with your drone. Follow the tips and weave your magic.

10. Mercedes Rolling Through the Woods

We say a Mercedes looks good on the roads, but have we seen one bossing around the woods? This drone capture shows scenic shots of a Mercedes in the woods, and the result is perfect.

Drones and cars do make a good combination, something you would be able to vouch for through the car’s drone videos in this article.


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