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10 Craziest Action Sports Drone Videos: You Gotta See This!

Shot of bike stunt

Drones always had a future in action sports. Even with spider cameras, broadcasters weren’t able to capture the true thrill of action sports for viewers sitting in front of their telly to watch. However, with the use of drone cameras, broadcasters can capture the most enthralling moments in motor rallying, snowboarding, lake skiing, and motorbike scrambling.

Through the revamped motion capture capability of drone cameras, broadcasters are now able to capture the true essence of action sports and present it for viewers to enjoy. In this article, we look at 10 of the craziest action sports drone videos for you to see and enjoy.

1. A Bit of It All

This video captures a bit of all extreme sports and gives six interesting clips for viewers to enjoy. The upfront nature of drone cameras makes these videos even more enthralling, as you get to enjoy the true action and nature of these sports. Definitely one to test your nerves!

2. Behind the Scenes

This behind the scenes video shows just how exciting it can be to capture all that is happening behind the scenes as well – the camera crew setting up their equipment and film bike riders jumping through maneuvers and performing stunts.

3. An Active Track

This active track video shows the DJI Mavic 2 Pro following a drag bike through stealthy maneuvers on the sand. We love how quick the drone camera is and how it captures the intricacies of the riding experience for everyone to view.

4. 5 Years Ago

Drone cameras have really come a long way over the years. This video captures the best drone videos of 2015 and shows them for viewers to enjoy. Get ready to have your mind blown with the exuberance of these clips.

5. An Exciting How-To

This exciting how-to video gives an in-depth overview of how you can shoot mountain bikes with your DJI Mavic Adventure. This drone camera follows bikes around at their pace and captures a brilliant reel of their tricks and misadventures on the way. You can learn the art here and maybe buy a drone camera of your own.

6. Drone in Its Extreme

This video captures the extreme side of drone cameras as they film cars buzzing around a fun-filled circuit. We enjoy how all aspects of car racing that were previously ignored are seen through the lens of the drone camera. A sight to behold for all eyes!

7. Wind Surfing Extreme Edition

Filmed on Maui Hawaii at Hookipa Beach, this video captures windsurfing and all the action involved in it. We just love the gushing sound of wind and the water circling around the frame. This drone video captures nature in its best form.

8. Shooting Road Cycling With a Drone

While this is a tutorial on how you can shoot something as simple as road cycling on a drone, we believe that the end result looks exceptional, knowing that road cycling isn’t really an adventurous sport as such. The video adds a new side to road cycling and makes it even more interesting for viewers.

9. Red Bull Rampage

Red Bull Rampage is something that all adventure fans wait for over the years. The bikes on the trek are exemplary, and the video is more than just perfect. We believe this video perfectly sums up what is on offer at Red Bull Rampage. Some of the shots are beyond amazing.

10. Drone Surf Shots

Surfing videos have something about them to keep viewers hooked. This compilation of the 21 most incredible drone surf shots will astound you as well, as surfers battle waves and come out as winners. Drone cameras capture this success in its true glory, and this video compiles some of the best moments for you to see.

We have looked at some of the craziest sports drone videos and hope that you enjoy them. Drones have sure added a lot of oomph and glory into action sports, and this leads to more TV gold for the rest of us.


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