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10 Great Beginner Drone Videos

Man piloting drone

Drone photography has certainly changed multiple industries across the world for the better. Gone are the days when people would fly drones for fun and amusement; we now have applications for drone aircraft and cameras in agriculture, real estate, and photography, to name a few.

While drones surely are the rage currently, no one learned to fly them on the very first day. Learning how to fly drones takes some time, and everyone was once a beginner to the process.

In this article, we take a look at 10 of the best beginner drone videos to give you the introduction you need to start your drone flying journey. Enjoy these videos and learn all the interesting features on display here.

1. The First Look at Brilliance

This fairly recent drone flying video takes a look at the DJI Tello and the un-boxing of the machine. Our protagonist also takes the drone for a spin for the first time and enjoys the different features on offer in the amazing machine.

2. The Perfect Beginner Drone

Learning how to start your drone flying experience? Well, this video gives you tips on the drone you should start your journey with, and how to use the many features on it. This video simplifies the learning curve and makes the experience easy for you.

3. The Best Low-Cost Drone

There is no better way to learn about drones and preferred picks than through drone experts themselves. Captain Drone is one of the most experienced names in the industry and guides you to use the machine you need to start your journey from.

4. A Guide for Beginners

Who doesn’t like the DJI Mavic Pro? The drone camera has it all and is surely a nice addition to your arsenal. This video captures the true features of the DJI Mavic Pro and presents them for you to learn from. Start your journey by using all the features.

5. How to Fly a Quadcopter?

Flying a quadcopter drone can be different from some of the other models. This video simplifies the concepts and features behind the quadcopter drone and helps you understand them. The DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone is one of the best quadcopters out there, and you can learn a few tricks through this video.

6. Beautiful Destinations on a Beginner’s Journey

This beginner drone enthusiast takes you through the beauty of Cappadocia in Turkey, as the iconic hot air balloons circle the sky across the city. This video surely has some aesthetic scenes in place and would excite you with the attention to detail.

7. What Perfection Looks Like

Do you want to know what perfection looks like when you are first starting your drone journey? This video perfectly captures the perfection of flying a drone, as this drone enthusiast navigates through tough cuts and turns for a brilliant drone flying video.

8. Best Drone Fails

Flying a drone as a beginner isn’t a walk in the park. You are bound to witness some failures on the way. This video sums up some of the best fails for first-time beginners. Perfect for gags and things you should avoid as a first-timer.

9. Things to Do With a Drone

Looking for things to do with your drone? Well, you can watch this amazing video of 8 things to do with your drone and practice your hand at them as well. Enjoy the world of endless possibilities on your drone camera.

10. Common Drone Mistakes

New pilots can end up making a ton of mistakes when flying their drones for the first time. Well, you, for one, can avoid these mistakes by watching this video and perfecting your drone flying skills.

With the right guidance and tutorial tips, you can improve your skills on the drone and limit the number of mistakes you make.


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