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10 Great Boat Drone Videos

Aerial drone picture of boat in the water

If you’re a sailing aficionado or just happen to be fond of boats, you would love to see videos of boats sailing in the sea, crushing the torrid waves, and gushing past the roaring wind. Drone cameras capture boats in their true essence, and we look at some of these amazing videos in this article.

1. Majestic Views From the Ocean Race  

Sailing is more than just a pastime or an activity for people who love it. If you are fond of boats and sailing, you will particularly enjoy this video from the Ocean Race, with shots captured through a drone camera.

2. Combination of Boats and Drones

Boats and drones make a killer combination. Do not believe us? Well, you should see this video! This video perfectly captures speed boats whizzing past water in the sea.

3. Drones Chasing Boats

Drones are currently hot property, and this video of drones chasing boats will let you know why. The many angles from up above allow photographers to capture boats and the ocean in a more picturesque manner.

4. A Guide on Flying Drones on a Boat

All the major league drone photographers you see today started their journey by learning their craft online or from others. This how-to guide on flying drones from a boat will give you the introduction you need to capture boats in style.

5. Fun on Dad’s Boat

This YouTuber went out to the sea on his dad’s boat and carried his drone camera along with him. The video shows some amazing shots captured through the lens of a flying drone camera.

6. Drones Capturing Dolphins and Whales

While the focus in this video isn’t on boats, we just feel that the amazing shots of whales and dolphins are worth showing to everyone. Marine life in its true glory!

7. In Love With a Cruise

Who doesn’t love a cruise? They have everything on board literally and pose a giant picture of opulence when they boss the sea. Filmed from a DJI Phantom 4, this video shows the grandeur of a cruise on the sea.

8. Footage of an RC Boat

RC boats are thrilling and fun to be in. However, you can still have the lion’s share of the fun by watching this amazing footage of an RC boat roll past the tranquil water on this beach.

9. Caught in Action

This adventurous drone footage captures combat at sea when an angry bull shark randomly attacks a 30 feet boat. The video had us hooked at most parts with suspense and drama.

10. Sunset, Drone, and a Boat

Will there ever be anything as grand and beautiful as a drone capturing a speed boat roll past tranquil water against the setting sun? This beginner drone video sure has all the cinematic effects with great views to top it all off.

Filming boats through a drone can lead to amazing videos. We hope you enjoyed these ten great boat drone videos.


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