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10 Spectacular Drone Camera Video Clips

Drone camera flying across fields

What do we like most about drone cameras? The exciting angles they create while shooting videos? Their expertise in shooting moving objects with relative ease? Or, can they make simple videos look mesmerizing by adding aesthetics and brilliance to them?

Regardless of what makes drones popular, we can safely say that some of the videos shot by these cameras are stunning. Let us take a look at some spectacular drone camera video clips to identify just what these cameras are capable of.

1. Best Drone Footages of 2018

2018 was the year of change as we saw some amazing new machines like the DJI Mavic Pro 2 being launched. This year also saw some amazing footage being shot through the lens of a drone, and this video perfectly sums them up.

2. Crazy Accidentally Caught Footage

Sometimes, what you’re not willing to capture can prove to be exciting and crazy. This video shows some wild drone videos accidentally caught on camera. Be ready for some excitement!

3. Amazing Drone Flying Skills

A great pilot can make a drone camera even more effective than it is. This footage captures the excellent drone flying skills of an expert. Learn from the best here.

4. Best Drone Clips of 2019

Certain YouTubers have hit online channels where they put up artistic videos captured through a drone. This YouTuber compiled the best clips of 2019 and gave us some viewership gold in this video.

5. The Most Spectacular Drone Video

You probably haven’t seen a drone video as spectacular as this. YouTuber Lost LeBlanc goes across waterfalls, nature, and sunsets to give you mind-blowing footage.

6. The Most Beautiful Spot on California’s Coast

California’s coastline is host to a great number of tourists throughout the year. However, no one has seen this part of the coast in all its glory and tranquility. This 4K drone footage captures the most beautiful spot on the coastline for viewers.

7. The Spectacular Ocean Race

The Ocean Race is host to hundreds of ships and sailors vying to get their hands on the gold. This striking footage captures the Ocean Race in a way never seen before.

8. Islands From the Sky

Natural beauty doesn’t get better than this. This amazing drone footage captures these islands from the skies, giving a unique touch of exuberance to each one of them.

9. New Zealand in a Minute

Imagine the Lord of the Rings trilogy; that is how beautiful New Zealand is. This drone footage captures all the eccentricities of the country in an incredible manner.

10. Drone Against a Tornado

This video of a drone capturing a tornado proves why we love drone cameras so much. This drone camera goes perilously near a tornado to film some mesmerizing camera drone videos.

Drone cameras are not easy to maneuver. It takes months and even years of practice to film the kind of videos we have seen above. However, until you learn how to capture such videos of your own, you can enjoy them repeatedly.


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