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3DR X8+ Multicopter


  • Stable, reliable flying platform
  • Suitable for many professional applications
  • Carries up to 1.7lb payload
  • NOTE: in 2016, DJI’s X8 series was discontinued and replaced by the DJI Matrice
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3DR X8+ Multicopter

3DR X8+ Multicopter


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            • Best-in-class Pixhawk autopilot
            • Extremely stable imaging platform
            • Dual frequency controller
            • Accepts any gimbal/camera combination
            • 1 lb payload capacity


            • Not ready to fly - assembly required

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            Our Take

            The 3DR X8+ Multicopter is a proven and exceptionally stable flying platform designed for shooting high-quality video, surveying crops, data acquisition or any professional application that demands a reliable, wind-resistant drone capable of executing flight plans using GPS autopilot. It’s a workhorse that is used in many industries today.

            3DR X8+ front view

            The X8 excels at low-speed, high precision mapping and aerial photography. It is also great for transporting payloads up to 1 lb.

            3DR X8 ag drone

            The X8+ uses the same reliable and stable 8-prop lift system as its more expensive cousin, the X8-M, which is used in professional image mapping and data acquisition.

            FlySky TH9X RC Controller

            The X8+ is shipped with a hard-top travel caseFlySky FS-TH9X radio control unit and 3DR’s outstanding Pixhawk autopilot system that provides a number of advanced flight planning and control features.

            Tarot Brushless 2-axis gimbal for GoPro

            For aerial photography and film making, 3DR recommends using the Tarot Brushless 2-axis gimbal for GoPro (camera and gimbal are sold separately).

            Hobbyists and niche drone specialists love the the 3DR platform because it is 100% open source, making it easy to tweak for unique applications.


            • 2×4 propeller lift system
            • Autopilot hardware: Pixhawk v2.4.5
            • Autopilot firmware: ArduCopter 3.2
            • GPS: 3DR u-blox GPS with Compass (LEA-6H module, 5 Hz update)
            • Ground Station Radio: 3DR Radio v2 (915 MHz or 433 MHz)
            • Controller: FlySky FS-TH9X with FrSky telemetry module
            • Payload Capacity: 800 g (1.7 lbs). Additional payload possible up to over 1kg with reduced flight time.
            • 15 min flight time
            • 90-day warranty
            • Camera and gimbal sold separately.
            • For GoPro, use the 2-axis Tarot Brushless Gimbal (sold separately)

            Features We Like

            • 3DR Pixhawk GPS autopilot system (outstanding)
            • Ground station radio switchable between 433 and 915 MHz
            • Reliable, redundant 2×4 rotor configuration
            • Powerful and stable
            • Many camera and gimbal choices
            • 1lb payload
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            X8+ With GoPro Demonstration