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10 Cool New Holiday Drone Videos

Aerial picture of a golf resort

While they might have been originally manufactured and designed for use in the military, drones are actually coming to their own in the commercial market. From helping farmers keep an eye over fields to assisting real estate agents with property inspections, drone cameras are now a staple in a number of industries.

Drone cameras give us perspectives that we’ve never seen before. While there have been images of our globe from satellites and the world itself from the ground, there remained a gap, which has now been filled conveniently by drone cameras. Furthermore, these cameras are also easy to procure and don’t cost as much as a cameraman on a rented helicopter would.

In this article we take you on a fun ride with 10 of the best holiday drone videos. Shot by travelers on their pursuits, these videos will give you additional insights into some exemplary locations.

1.     Maldives on Holiday

If you’re a fan of sun draped beaches with calm blue water, then Maldives is the location for you. This drone video captured by a holidaying couple takes you through the sights and sounds of the exquisite location, with the rustling of coconut trees and the gushing of water.

2.     A 4-Minute Vacation

Stuck at home in the recent coronavirus pandemic? Well, you can have a 4-minute vacation of your own through this amazing 4-minute video. The video takes you through holidays from across the globe.

3.     Bali by Drone

One of Indonesia’s most famed archipelagos, Bali is a central location for tourists visiting from around the world. The island is host to scenic views and some of the best beaches you will ever come across in your life. Go through this holiday drone video for more views.

4.     Polish Holiday

Poland and Eastern Europe in general might not be on the plans of most tourists today, but the country has a lot to offer. This drone video of Poland and the sights surrounding Warsaw will definitely pull you in favor of it.

5.     Iceland Holiday Video

Iceland is another underrated travel spot and can offer a lot to visitors and travelers. This drone video of a couple’s travel to the country has plenty of scenic moments for you to cherish and enjoy.

6.     Road Trip Through Australia

Don’t we all love just love a road trip? There’s so much to enjoy on such a trip. This road trip through Australia takes you across Queensland and the North and South of the country. You will enjoy the grassy beaches and the tranquil sea water.

7.     Four Islands of Philippines in 3 Minutes

Philippines is a popular tourist destination and justifiably so. This video takes you through 4 major islands in the region (Palawan, Cebu, Luzon and Coron). All of them have been recorded through a drone on a couple’s recent retreat.

8.     Hawaii in 4K

Hawaii’s a popular and accessible tourist destination, especially for people living in the States. The region has access to tranquil sea water and ramps up the aesthetics. This video will surely help you fall in love with the region and its beauty.

9.     Switzerland in 4K

Perhaps the world’s most exotic tourist location, Switzerland is a dream to visit for many. Fulfill your dreams for now with this enthralling video of what the nation has to offer. We guarantee you will love the scenic views of mountains and the Alps in the background.

10. Gorgeous Australia

This family went on vacation to Australia over Christmas and enjoyed the weather on offer by the country. The serene views will definitely make you fall in love with the sun and its peaceful beaches.

Even with a drone camera you still need to create angles and master your flying skills to shoot the best holiday videos. We hope this list has given you an idea ofhow to film on your next vacation.

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