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DJI Loses Another US Customer: Cape Moves To Skydio Drones

DJI Mavic Pro

Through a July 17th press release, Cape announced that it was dropping DJI and partnering with Skydio “effective immediately.” Here’s part of their press release. “Cape, the leading cloud platform for remote drone operations, today announced that effective immediately, the company will drop support for DJI drones. As part of the decision, the company also […]

New Startup FlyThere Lets You Fly Drones Remotely Across The Globe

FlyThere Fly Drones Remotely

The growing UAV market has led to many new business ideas and innovations. One of these is Flythere, a trailblazing startup which lets you fly drones remotely around the globe from the comfort of your home. The service is immersive and realistic. That’s because it happens in real-time.                                                                  Although most of its available locations are […]

The 10 Craziest Things You Can Do With a Drone

Ambulance drone

A decade ago, UAVs were considered mainly a preserve of military units and a few hardcore civilian enthusiasts. Modern drones are lighter, smaller, more affordable, and unbelievably feature packed. This innovation, coupled with rising demand for drones in just about every sector, has led to some exciting, and sometimes crazy, uses of a drone. 1. […]

Drone Insurance Platform SkywatchAI Integrates With 9 Leading Brokers

we are skywatch

The news comes as a pleasant surprise to both recreational and commercial drone operators. It shows that the UAS ecosystem still has room for innovation. The nine brokers are Falcon Insurance, Aviation Marine, Fields Group, InsureMyDrone (MFE Insurance), Harpenau Insurance, Aerial Pak (Hill & Usher), Plimsoll Specialty, Sky Smith and Skyvuze. The insurance program is […]

Ag Drone Market To Quadruple In Size to $4.8B by 2024: New Report

ag drone market new report

A report by MarketsandMarkets predicts that the agricultural drone market will increase to $4.8 billion by 2024 from around $1.9 billion currently. Once regarded as part of a niche sector, agriculture drones are increasingly becoming a mainstay of farming. All indications from ag drone market report show rapid uptake of UAV technology in the foreseeable […]

The FAA Underestimated Drone Market Size: Commercial UAV Use Explodes

dji mavic pro 2 review

 The FAA’s most recent forecast shows a larger than expected rise in drone use. Although purchases among hobbyist consumers are slowing down, the commercial FAA Drone Market Size is booming. It has the fastest growth rate of the three major UAV market segments, the others being military and consumer. What is responsible for this growth? […]

As Consumer Drone Sales Slow, DJI Shifts Its Focus to Agriculture

ag drone market new report

DJI, the world’s largest civilian and commercial drone manufacturer, recently announced plans to invest more resources in agricultural drones. This comes in the wake of a slowdown in civilian sales. The company seems to be betting on the more stable and dependable commercial sector to drive future demand. Why consumer drone sales are falling Although […]

Powerful Tricks To Getting High Quality Real Estate Photos

Real estate photo

You’ve probably heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It might sound like a cliche, but nowhere is this adage better illustrated than in the real estate industry. People respond better to visual content, which is an integral part of the AIDA marketing model. Stunning photos immediately catch potential clients’ attention. After […]

DJI’s New Terra Software Transforms Images Into 3D Models and Maps

DJI's New Terra Software

Chinese drone manufacturer DJI unveiled Terra, its 3D modeling and mapping software, in March 2019. Already the world’s largest civilian and commercial manufacturer, this development is sure to extend its dominance of the drone industry. It’s also an indication of DJI camera drones’ increasingly sophisticated capabilities. How does it work? Terra has a comprehensive four-step […]

Big Storms Drive Use of Drones In Insurance Industry Higher in 2019

Use of drones in storms

Drones have evolved rapidly in the past few years. Although initially popular as military reconnaissance tools, their commercial adoption has skyrocketed. The insurance industry, long known for its conservative approach to innovation, has been surprisingly receptive to drone use. Judging by the already positive results realized so far, the trend is set to rise in […]