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News, reviews, case studies and videos related to the best drones & UAVs, UAV pilot training, drone safety, UAV regulations and drone service providers around the world.

10 Beautiful Nature & Wildlife Drone Videos

Picture of a deer standing in a forest

While drone cameras have had an impact on a number of industries and markets, they have revolutionized wildlife photography for the better. Drone cameras tend to capture the exotic beauty of wildlife and nature for people to enjoy on their televisions or mobile sets at home. The aerial advantage of drone photography ensures that they […]

10 Best Farms and Fields Drone Videos

An aerial picture of farm

Drone aircraftshave been more than just a revelation in the field of farming and agriculture. These aircrafts have not only revolutionized the way farmers work, but have also helped them in monitoring their fields in a more productive manner. In this article we take a look at some of the best farms and fields drone […]

10 Best Golf Course Drone Videos

Aerial picture of a golf course

The grassy fields and the scenic locations are what make so many viewers fall in love with the game of golf. In fact, many professional players first took up golf as a sport because it didn’t only help entertain them, but also brought them closer to the peace and tranquility of nature. Most golf courses […]

10 Best Inspection Drone Videos

An aerial picture of farm

With the development and growing use of drone technology around us, multiple industries are adopting methods to integrate drone cameras into their daily processes. These days, drone inspections are a major part of almost every industry that uses visual inspection for maintenance procedures. Drone technology can collect useful visual data and relay it over to […]

10 Action-Packed Sports Drone Videos

Surfing across the setting sun

With an increase in the global appeal of sports, organizers today are looking for new and innovative ways to shoot the happenings on the field for viewers at home to watch. Drone technology can come in handy here as it captures every bit of the pulsating action on a sports field for viewers to enjoy […]

10 Cool Drone Formation Flying Videos

Drones flying in formation

You ever thought videos filmed through drone cameras were cool? Well, wait until you see these drones flying in formation against the night sky. Organizers have started using drones instead of fireworks to light up the night sky and celebrate their events. In this article we look at a few of the coolest drone formation […]

10 New Truck Drone Videos

Aerial photo of trucks parked in harbor

Trucks have been around for quite some time now and serve a recreational and logistical purpose as well. Besides being used for logistics, 4-wheeler trucks have also been used by homeowners looking for more powerful vehicles. This article looks at some of the best truck drone videos shot through some of the best drones in […]

10 Cool Air-to-Air Drone Flying Videos

DJI Mavic bossing the skies

While all shots captured through a drone happen to look marvelous, we feel that there surely is more of a spark in air-to-air drone flying videos. Air-to-air videos basically include a flying drone filming another flying object in an aerial position. These videos happen to be great because they give us an aerial perspective of […]

10 Drone Videos Featuring Trains

Steam engine powering through lush fields

Fans of trains and the rail network just love seeing videos of the gigantic vehicles buzzing past natural sceneries and landscapes. And what better way to capture this moment than through a flying drone camera? We look at some amazing drone videos featuring trains in this article and give you a chance to admire the […]

10 Spectacular Drone Camera Video Clips

Drone camera flying across fields

What do we like most about drone cameras? The exciting angles they create while shooting videos? Their expertise in shooting moving objects with relative ease? Or, can they make simple videos look mesmerizing by adding aesthetics and brilliance to them? Regardless of what makes drones popular, we can safely say that some of the videos […]