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How to Do a Drone Pre-Flight Safety Check Like a Pro (Tips for Beginners)

Drone school pre-flight safety check

If you’ve gone to drone school, you probably already know how to perform an in-depth pre-flight safety check before operating your drone. If you’ve not, here is a quick explainer on how to do it like a pro. The two most important aspects of a pre-flight drone check are the flying environment and your equipment. […]

Plane Near-Miss Drone Incidents are On the Rise But There’s Little Cause for Panic (Or Tougher Regulations)

Camera drone

You read about a new near-miss incident every month or so. Yet another camera drone nearly collided with a military jet or passenger plane. A major catastrophe has been avoided, the reports say, but just barely. In the UK, The Telegraph reports that drone near-misses have tripled to 92 in 2017 compared to just 15 […]

The 10 Best Drone Accessories to Help You Fly Better and Keep Your Drone Safe

Best photography, fieldwork, hobby and agriculture drone accessories

Whether it is a photography drone, an agriculture drone or just a personal drone, having the right tools makes all the difference. Here are the best drone accessories to help you fly better and have more fun. Note: I’m going to focus on those accessories that don’t usually come with your drone. Things like extra […]

Behind the Dazzling Light Shows: How Intel Flies Hundreds Drones in Perfect Synchrony

Syncronized Drones at the 2018 Winter Olympics - no drone pilot required

At the 2018 winter Olympics opening ceremony, Intel set a Guinness World Record when it flew 1,218 shooting star drones for an amazing synchronized light show. They also held a smaller display at the closing ceremony. Synchronized drone light shows have become kind of a thing for Intel. They did similar shows at CES 2018, […]

DJI Creates No-Fly Zones for Winter Olympics in South Korea

No DJI Drones at Winter olympics

Security is extremely tight at the South Korea winter Olympics. With the prospect of nuclear confrontation facing the Korean peninsula, no one is taking any risks when it comes to protecting the more than a hundred thousand spectators’ and thousands of athletes who’ll be taking part in the games. So it’s no surprise that officials […]