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Terra Drone Acquires Major Shares in C4D Intel For Southeast Asia Expansion

Terra drone acquisition

Terra Drone, a Japanese drone giant, acquires a significant stake in C4D Intel which is a leading innovator in the Australian industry. The Japanese company is making strides to expand its business empire by penetrating international markets. It recently moved into the European market, and there are many benefits to adopting the strategy. The acquisition […]

Mobile Recon Systems’ New Dauntless UAV Can Lift a Full Grown Man

UAV carrying heavy weight

Quadcopters play different roles such as lifting various types of products from one point to the other. These drones are also used for aerial photography and video shooting in different circumstances. Mobile Recon Systems, a Kentucky based company, popularized the quadcopter with its KittyHawk, a device that could carry about three cameras of GoPro type. […]

Drone Aerial Video Shows More Than 100 Whales In Underwater Russian Prison

orca whales in the wild

A recent drone aerial video shows that over 100 whales are living under poor conditions in an underwater prison in Russia. The whales in prison are estimated to consist of 11 orcas “killer whales” as well as 90 beluga whales. The practice of capturing the whales may be violating the law.  There is a risk that […]

How MIT’s Drone Fleets Would Help With Search and Rescue in Forests

forest rescue by search and rescue drones

One of the most difficult places to perform a search and rescue operation is in a forest. Helicopters, the best tools for covering large areas in a short period, can’t always see through the dense tree cover. They are also expensive to operate and may not always be the safest solution in certain types of […]

Latest Drone Tech: Flying a Drone Using Eye-Tracking Glasses

eye-tracking glasses that can control drones will make UAV training much easier for beginners

One of the goals of drone companies like DJI is making drone flying as simple as possible. Using a wireless controller is still the most common method of flying a drone. But manufacturers have added all sorts of features to make drone control easier. Take DJI drones for instance. They have automatic obstacle-detection and evasion […]

How to Use Hyperlapse Mode in the DJI Mavic 2

Hyperlapse mode in new DJI drone - the Mavic 2

The just released Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom are packed with new and upgraded features especially when it comes to the cameras. We are still going through all the awesome new features but there’s one that every drone photography enthusiast is raving about: hyperlapse videos. The new hyperlapse mode lets you easily create […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Hobby and Commercial Drone Insurance

FAQs on hobby and commercial drone insurance

Wondering whether you need insurance for your hobby drone? How much commercial drone insurance costs? Whether you need liability insurance? Below are quick answers to some of the most common questions about drone insurance. If you have a question not covered below, feel free to ask in the comments. Is Drone Insurance an FAA Requirement? […]

Planning to Start a Drone Business? Tips From Real Drone Entreprenuers

tips on drone liability insurance, marketing and other areas

The drone services market is hot right now. There are all sorts of business opportunities coming up ranging from aerial photography to infrastructure inspection and 3D mapping. In other words, it’s a great time to get into the drone business. You may have realized that also and maybe you are thinking about going from a […]