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DJI Creates No-Fly Zones for Winter Olympics in South Korea

No DJI Drones at Winter olympics

Security is extremely tight at the South Korea winter Olympics. With the prospect of nuclear confrontation facing the Korean peninsula, no one is taking any risks when it comes to protecting the more than a hundred thousand spectators’ and thousands of athletes who’ll be taking part in the games. So it’s no surprise that officials […]

Small Drones Dominated at CES 2018: Here Are The 5 Most Interesting Ones

Airselfie drone with FPV Racing

The drone industry is changing. Fast. Just a couple of years ago, the market was bristling with dozens of drone brands. Companies like Yuneec, Parrot, Lily and even GoPro tried their hand at the whole UAV thing. At the 2016 CES, there were over 100 new drone models. The 2017 CES was just as packed. […]

DJI Launches New Mavic Air Camera Drone (Available for Pre-Order)

Mavic Air camera drone

DJI has announced its latest camera drone, the Mavic Air. It compact, has a 4K camera and can take 360-degree photos. In almost all aspects – price, performance, weight and size – the new Mavic Air balances between the powerful Mavic Pro and the compact Spark. It’s closer to spark in terms of size and […]

The Coolest and Most Stunning Drone Films Shot in 2017

Best Camera Drones films of 2017

Consumer camera drones have become incredibly powerful and easy to use. As they pack on more and more features, they have become more accessible to hobbyists at all skill levels. DJI has been especially active about providing filming and photography hobbyists capable drones equipped with easy to use tools and features. You’ll find settings like […]

What You Need to Know about Part 107 Waivers and How to Apply for One

tips on drone liability insurance, marketing and other areas

The enactment of Part 107 streamlined FAA’s regulations over commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UASs). The regulations spell out guidelines for commercial drones in the United States. They include requirements to stay under 400 feet altitude, maintaining line of sight at all times and flying only in the daylight. However, the FAA allows companies to apply […]

Planning to Buy a Drone? – Don’t Forget to Register it With The FAA (It’s Mandatory)

UAV pilot training

Are you planning to buy a racing or camera drone in the near future? You’ll need to register it with the FAA if it weighs more than 0.55lbs and less than 55lbs. That’s according to new regulations that came into effect as part of the National Defense Authorization Act which the President signed into law […]

Best Drone Photography Accounts on Instagram to Follow in 2018

Best drone photography

From spectacular nature photos to panoramic pictures with an unexpected perspective, there is plenty of drool-worthy drone photography on Instagram. Whether you are looking for some inspiration for your own photography or just want to feast your eyes on these stunning creations, here are the best drone photography Instagram accounts to follow. If you do […]

Amazon’s Drone Delivery Future May Include Self-Destructing Drones

Amazon drones with camera and gps

Much has been said about Amazon’s future plans to make deliveries via drones. But the reality is that Amazon Prime Air, as Amazon calls the program, will remain a fantasy for several more years. Regulatory support is still far off and there are some pretty huge hurdles for Amazon to figure out before they can […]