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DJI Black Friday Deals 2017 Start Nov 23rd!

DJI Mavic Pro camera drone real estate drone

DJI just announced its upcoming deals for Black Friday 2017 The deals on this page will last from Thursday, November 23 through Monday, November 27. The company is discounting of its most popular drones and goggles by as much as $100, which works out to a steep discount.  Additionally, those who purchase the Spark, Mavic Pro, Phantom […]

This is the First Augmented Reality Simulation Software For Drone Training

Epson DJI Drone training Simulator

Every drone user’s worst nightmare is crashing their expensive drone. It requires dozens hours of drone training to skillfully pilot a drone without risking a $500 plus repair bill. There are many types of UAV training programs and platforms that can help you get better at drone flying. These include web and app drone simulators […]

DJI Unveils Zenmuse X7 Drone Camera for Professional Cinematographers

Zenmuse X7 for video camera drone

DJI has unveiled the first full featured, professional quality aerial camera for cinematographers. The Zenmuse X7 is designed to work primarily with the Inspire 2 video camera drone to produce high fidelity imaging for film makers. Often, professional content creators have had to resort to complicated and tedious camera rigs or average quality drone cameras […]

First Ever Crash Between Drone and Passenger Plane Reported in Canada

Passenger Plane hit by drone camera

In reports that are bound to make drone enthusiasts wary of tighter regulations, a drone hit a passenger plane in Quebec, Canada. According to Canada’s transport minister, the Skyjet passenger plane was flying from Quebec and had eight people onboard. Marc Garneau said the plane was approaching Jean Lesage International Airport at an altitude of […]

The Hottest Careers for Commercial Drone Pilots in 2017/18

tips on drone liability insurance, marketing and other areas

It is a great time for a commercial drone pilot. The UAV industry has experienced a boom in the last couple of years as drones have become essential business tools in many industries. According to BI Intelligence, the research arm of Business Insider, infrastructure has experienced the greatest increase in drone use. The value of […]

Three Great FPV Racing Drones for $100, $200 and $300

racing drone guide - illustrated parts list

If you really want to compete, then you’ll need to assemble your own kit from the best frames, ESCs, motors and electronics available. One of my favorite FPV YouTube bloggers is Stew at UAVFutures.  Stew originally put together the following three kits for a $100 budget, $200 budget and a $300 budget. I further refined his parts […]

FAA Roundup: The Best Regulation & Safety Articles of 2016

The FAA continues to roll-out new rules and regulations governing the use of drones in the US. On this page, we share some of the best recent articles written about how the new rules are changing the landscape of the drone industry – for consumers and for business operators. Drone Regulations Should Focus on Safety […]