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The best drone videos collected from the web.

10 Best Real Estate Drone Videos

Real estate drone videos

Drone cameras are extensively being used in the real estate industry today. These cameras not only help film property through a new lens, but also ensure that the end result is in line with what buyers expect. Drone videos can also be perfect for giving potential buyers an idea of their neighborhood, without actually having […]

10 Best Pro Photography Drone Videos

Drone flying against the morning sky

With extended coverage of drone photography and videos on YouTube and other streaming sites, we now have a number of developing professional drone photographers. The pictures and videos captured by these professional photographers are great adverts for all that drone technology is capable of and can do. In this article we look at 10 of […]

10 Educational Drone Pilot Training Videos

Drone pilot flying drone

With drones becoming more affordable and accessible, a number of people want to get their hands on a machine and begin their journey as a drone pilot. While some of these pilots are motivated due to recreational purposes, others want to take a more professional route on their drone flying journey. Regardless of what is […]

10 Best Media & News Drone Videos

Aerial view of Boudhanath Stupa after earthquake

After years of initial turbulence and regulations, drone photography has finally come into its own. Quadcopters with cameras are now available in better quality at cheaper rates, turning more news agencies, media houses and professional aerial enthusiasts toward drones. While drones were initially used for covering nature, cityscapes, real estate listings, concerts and sports, they […]

10 Awesome Extreme Sports Drone Videos

Surfing across the setting sun

Extreme sports have always been hard to film. Camera crews have found it hard to keep up with the intricacies of the sports and even if there was coverage of such sports, it was always limited to the bare minimum. In came drones and changed the way broadcasters film extreme sports and the way viewers […]

10 Awesome New Drone Racing Videos

Views from inside a drone racing circuit

While drone racing first started as a mindless excursion, it has now developed into a popular sport. Drone racing videos online get plenty of hits and there are people who would pay to watch these videos live – in person or through a streaming app. When you watch a few videos of drone racing you […]

10 Beautiful Nature & Wildlife Drone Videos

Picture of a deer standing in a forest

While drone cameras have had an impact on a number of industries and markets, they have revolutionized wildlife photography for the better. Drone cameras tend to capture the exotic beauty of wildlife and nature for people to enjoy on their televisions or mobile sets at home. The aerial advantage of drone photography ensures that they […]

10 Best Farms and Fields Drone Videos

An aerial picture of farm

Drone aircraftshave been more than just a revelation in the field of farming and agriculture. These aircrafts have not only revolutionized the way farmers work, but have also helped them in monitoring their fields in a more productive manner. In this article we take a look at some of the best farms and fields drone […]

10 Best Golf Course Drone Videos

Aerial picture of a golf course

The grassy fields and the scenic locations are what make so many viewers fall in love with the game of golf. In fact, many professional players first took up golf as a sport because it didn’t only help entertain them, but also brought them closer to the peace and tranquility of nature. Most golf courses […]

10 Best Inspection Drone Videos

An aerial picture of farm

With the development and growing use of drone technology around us, multiple industries are adopting methods to integrate drone cameras into their daily processes. These days, drone inspections are a major part of almost every industry that uses visual inspection for maintenance procedures. Drone technology can collect useful visual data and relay it over to […]