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The best drone videos collected from the web.

10 Cool New Car Drone Videos

Car captured through drone camera

Drones capture the excitement of driving a car fast as nothing else can. Flying cameras provide an entirely new perspective plus a ton of new trick shots that open the door for lots of creativity. In this article, we share ten new cool automobile drone shoots to inspire your next project. Enjoy! 1. A Compilation […]

10 Great Beginner Drone Videos

Man piloting drone

Drone photography has certainly changed multiple industries across the world for the better. Gone are the days when people would fly drones for fun and amusement; we now have applications for drone aircraft and cameras in agriculture, real estate, and photography, to name a few. While drones surely are the rage currently, no one learned […]

10 Craziest Action Sports Drone Videos: You Gotta See This!

Shot of bike stunt

Drones always had a future in action sports. Even with spider cameras, broadcasters weren’t able to capture the true thrill of action sports for viewers sitting in front of their telly to watch. However, with the use of drone cameras, broadcasters can capture the most enthralling moments in motor rallying, snowboarding, lake skiing, and motorbike […]