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3DR Solo Quadcopter 2.0


  • Ready-to-Fly Aerial Platform for GoPro cameras
  • Intuitive video game-style controller
  • Easy to customize for any application
  • Camera sold separately
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3DR Solo

3DR Solo


Easy to Learn


    Easy to Operate






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            • Unique automated shots
            • Best-in-class controller w/ live HD streaming
            • Extremely open and flexible design
            • Adjust GoPro settings on the controller


            • Camera and Gimbal sold separately 🙁
            • No spare parts provided
            • Battery life not as good as some.

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            Our Take

            The 3D Robotics Solo 2.0 is an advanced and feature-packed ready-to-fly autopilot camera drone, suitable for most amateur and professional camera jobs that involve one operator.

            The Solo uses an advanced set of open-source programming services (SDKs and APIs) that makes it easy and inexpensive for commercial or hobbyist operators to tweak the platform for almost any light commercial duty.

            The software-upgradability of the Solo platform means you won’t have to swap-out your hardware every year as the next model comes out, like you do with other manufacturers.

            3DR Solo flying with Solo Gimbal

            Designed for use with a GoPro camera (sold separately), the 3DR Solo is an open and flexible flying camera platform with separate accessory and gimbal bays, swappable motor pods and open source controller software.

            It also has the best automated camera shots in the industry (Smart Shots).

            The 3DR Solo is the perfect choice for a commercial drone operator who needs to customize his/her rig, and doesn’t need a super-long-distance range. The Solo’s extensive open source SDKs and API make it the easiest-to-customize flying camera platform in the business, by a long shot.

            The 3DR solo is also a great choice for aerial photographers and filmmakers who are unhappy with the built-in cameras and limited camera control that today’s camera drones typically offer.

            Finally, the Solo is a solid choice for hobbyists and tinkerers who want to extend the 3DR Solo by building custom apps on 3DR’s open source platform.

            That said, DJI and Yuneec seem to be pulling away from 3DR (for the moment) on important consumer features like collision avoidance and object detection.

            3DR Solo controller app selfie

            Flight Control

            The 3DR Solo controller and mobile app are especially well integrated.

            On the phone or tablet of your choice, the Solo app displays wireless HD video streaming, telemetry data and real-time location tracking on an overhead satellite shot. It’s the only all-in-one drone to offer live video streaming in HD direct to your tablet or smartphone at ranges up to half a mile.

            You can control the GoPro’s settings and select advanced camera modes in the 3DR Solo app, too.

            3DR Solo - Camera angle presets on controller

            Or, you can connect a pair of FPV glasses to the included HDMI port to immerse yourself in the shot.

            The controller also offers buttons for camera tricks and two unique camera angle and preset dials.

            3DR Solo - app controller

            Real Time Flight Zone Safety Information

            3DR Solo - Real Time Flight Zone Safety Info

            In Solo 2.0, 3DR worked with AirMap.io to deliver real-time flight zone safety information directly in the 3DR Solo App. This new feature helps you stay clear of FAA-restricted airspace.

            Custom Geofencing

            3DR Solo - custom geofencing

            A new feature for 2016, Solo lets you trace geographic boundaries in the flight planning app to keep your drone flying within the safe zone.

            Smart Shots: Advanced Camera Automation

            3DR Solo 2.0 comes with 3DR’s advanced camera control software, Smart Shots, to provide advanced automated cinematography options.

            In Solo 2.0, all Smart Shots now support Free Look, which gives you full control of camera pan & tilt while the Solo follows your subject automatically, along a designated flight path.

            Free Look gives you Hollywood-level control of your shots without requiring 2 people to make it happen. 

            Some of the Smart Shots that come with the Solo 2.0 include: Cable Cam, Pano, Rewind, Orbit, Selfie and Follow.

            CABLE CAM: Run your drone down a virtual wireline cable (as many points as you want), to take the perfect flyby shot.

            PANO: design and capture an aerial panorama by automatically panning and snapping photos to make a panorama while in flight.

            REWIND: backup 60 feet and re-shoot.

            3DR Solo - rewind

            ORBIT: Circle an object for a wrap-around shot.

            SELFIE:  Put yourself at the center of a scenic aerial pull-out.

            FOLLOW:  Go completely hands-free as the Solo follows you from a set distance.

            3DR’s market-leading Pixhawk autopilot system provides a wide range of flight controls including a reliable GPS waypoint autopilot, auto takeoff and landing, return home and an emergency e-brake that pauses your drone in midair.

            There are also dedicated buttons on the controller for the most commonly-used flight modes including Takeoff, Land, Return Home and Pause In Flight.

            Solo Gimbal

            3DR Solo Gimbal

            The 3-Axis Solo Gimbal (sold separately for $399) provides extensive control over your GoPro camera settings while in-flight including the ability to snap photos and adjust the camera’s FOV, FPS and exposure using 3DR’s new GoPro Control, available in v1.3 of the Solo App.

            3DR Solo - GoPro control app


            • Smart Shots: Easily and automatically capture cinematic footage using Orbit, Cable Cam, Follow and Selfie modes.
            • 3DR Solo gimbal (sold separately): Ensures smooth footage, lets you fine-tune your GoPro™ and offers HDMI video and intelligent camera settings.
            • Wireless video streaming: Lets you watch the footage in HD on your mobile device – up to half a mile away.
            • 1,000 to 2,500 ft range
            • 18-25 minute flight time
            • 1 year warranty
            • 30-day money back guarantee

            The Features We Like Best

            • Great automated camera shots
            • Takeoff, Land, Return Home and Pause buttons on controller
            • the 3DR Solo Gimbal lets you adjust GoPro settings while in-flight
            • Flight simulator included
            • Wireless software updates (finally)
            • Controller includes HDMI connector for FPV glasses
            • Pixhawk autopilot system (best in class & open source)
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