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InsurTech SkyWatch.AI and Starr Insurance Companies launch a Usage-Based Drone Insurance Product in Canada

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SkyWatch.AI and Starr offer on-demand hourly, monthly and annual drone insurance solutions based on a proprietary safety platform Palo Alto, California, February 11, 2020 Today, SkyWatch.AI, the world’s first on-demand, telematics-based insurance platform for commercial drone pilots, launched its drone insurance product in Ontario, Canada. SkyWatch.AI’s dedicated drone insurance allows professional drone pilots to easily […]

How Much Does a Drone Insurance Cost? (2020 Update)

Drone Insurance

Drone insurance is no longer a fringe idea. Any serious UAV operator now considers it a necessity. Part 107 regulations don’t require you to have coverage, but doing so helps you to handle any unexpected circumstances much better, and increases your chances of landing gigs Drone insurance was at first shunned by the big traditional […]

How Much Does a Real Estate Drone Shoot Cost? (2020 Update)

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Unlike other industries which are still exploring drone use, real estate adopted the technology from its infancy. Their ability to take high-quality aerial shots from various angles has made them a natural choice for realtors. Although these developments have popularized real estate drone photography, some aspects of this niche sector are still fuzzy. One of […]

FlytBase Offers Enterprise-Grade Features For Consumer Drone Operators

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Drone automation, once expensive and reserved for commercial users, is now available for consumer UAVs. FlytBase, a startup based in California, is offering enterprise-grade automation to operators of consumer drones. By bringing this functionality to drones such as the DJI Mavic and Phantom series, Flytbase has made the growing prosumer segment even more attractive. About […]

DJI Announces FPV System for Drone Racing

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DJI, already the world’s largest consumer drone maker, is bound to shake up the fast-growing FPV racing segment with a new FPV system. According to industry analysts, DJI’s new system is a precursor to a full-fledged FPV racing drone, which would be a first for DJI. Filings made with the FCC earlier this year sought […]

Latest Research Reveals Data Management As Key Bottleneck to Safer Operations

latest research

The research was conducted by DRONERESPONDERS, a non-profit that promotes drone use for public safety. The program aims to bring together first responders across the country who utilize UAVs in their operations. Its mission objectives include standardizing UAS certification and equipment, sharing drone-related knowledge, and promoting professional safety operations. DRONERESPONDERS also aims to have a […]

Google’s Wing Aviation Releases OpenSky Drone Flyer App

Drone Flyer app

Wing’s OpenSky app attempts to solve one of the biggest headaches plaguing the UAS industry; how to avoid drone-related accidents. For a long time now, UAV pilots have had to abide by the FAA’s Part 107 regulations. Although requirements such as Visual Line of Sight minimize mishaps, they also impose severe restrictions on pilots. With […]

Parrot Releases Anafi Thermal Drone for Enterprise Applications

Anafi thermal

Last year, French drone company Parrot introduced Anafi, a 4K-capable consumer drone weighing less than a pound. This year the platform saw a significant boost with the announcement of the Anafi Thermal. It’s a commercial drone targeted at professionals such as public works engineers, rescuers, police officers, and environmentalists. At $1900 the Anafi Thermal is significantly […]

French UAV Manufacturer Parrot Exits Toy Drone Market

Anafi Parrot

Two years after announcing a shift from the toy drone market, Parrot has exited the segment completely. The company is withdrawing the Mambo and Swing models and focusing entirely on its flagship Anafi platform. Although Anafi drones are still available to consumers, Parrot is paying more attention to the commercial and enterprise market. The French […]

Drone LIDAR vs. Drone Photogrammetry: When To Use Each

LIDAR and photogrammetry.

Drones are increasingly being utilized for tasks that were previously performed using manned aircraft such as surveying, mapping, and 3D modeling. The two main technologies used in these areas are LIDAR and photogrammetry. Although both are useful to surveyors, each has its pros and cons. To better analyze the similarities and differences of both these, […]