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Planning to Start a Drone Business? Tips From Real Drone Entreprenuers

tips on drone liability insurance, marketing and other areas

The drone services market is hot right now. There are all sorts of business opportunities coming up ranging from aerial photography to infrastructure inspection and 3D mapping. In other words, it’s a great time to get into the drone business. You may have realized that also and maybe you are thinking about going from a […]

5 Tips for Shooting Stunning Real Estate Photos With Your Drone

best drones for real estate photography for a drone pilot

Other than showing up and checking out a piece of property, drone shots are the second best way for potential buyers to look at a house. They add a certain stunning perspective to photos that is hard to capture with traditional ground-level pictures and videos. They can go a long way to highlight the scale […]

Experiencing Shooter’s Block? 5 Inspirations for Your Next Drone Shoot

Hobbyist photography drone in UK

Photography is one of the most exciting things you can do with your drone. You get to see things from a whole new angle and create stunning shots that everyone admires and maybe even make money from. But every drone photographer will at one point experience a sudden drain of creativity. After you’ve shot the […]

5 Essential Drone Pre-Flight Checks You Probably Never Do

Pre-check essentials before flying a camera drone

Most drone owners have experienced at least one of those scary moments when something goes terribly wrong and you expect the drone to come crashing to the ground. Read some of the scariest moments photographers have experienced while flying a camera drone in this Shutterstock blog post. This problems can be caused by a lost […]

The 5 Best Online Drone Courses on Udemy, Coursera and Skillshare

tips on drone liability insurance, marketing and other areas

Whether you are a commercial drone pilot (or planning to become one) or you fly drones just for fun, there are always ways you can improve your skills. While there are plenty of drone schools you can attend for in-person training, online learning is also a great and convenient way to acquire new skills. We’ve […]

Planning to Fly Your Drone In the UK? Here are the New Rules You Should Know About

Hobbyist photography drone in UK

With drones increasingly causing hazardous situations in airports and near planes, the UK government has introduced a raft of new regulations aimed at hobbyist drone owners. The new rules tighten the existing regulations and introduce serious penalties for drone owners who break them. If you are planning to travel to the UK to fly your […]

New DJI Mavic Drones Will Have Better Cameras and Longer Flight Times

New camera drones in the DJI Mavic series

DJI’s Mavic Pro and the more recent Mavic Air are some of the most popular drones in the market right now. The two 4K camera drones are popular among aerial photography/videography professionals and hobbyists. Now, DJI has confirmed that two new camera drones in the Mavic series are in the works. It’s essentially one drone, […]

NTSB and Law Enforcement Are Using Drones to Map Accident Scenes

aerial camera drones are being used for accident investigations

When road accidents happen, police on the ground can spend hours at the scene of the accident trying to figure out what happened. It’s necessary but tedious work that is essential in keeping roads safe. But to save time and carry out better investigations, local police departments are increasingly turning to drones. Local governments have […]