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News, reviews, case studies and videos related to the best drones & UAVs, UAV pilot training, drone safety, UAV regulations and drone service providers around the world.

10 Funniest Pets Drone Videos

Dog staring at a drone camera

Pets have never been fond of drones. In fact, they still haven’t come to terms with the buzzing of these devices when they hover across the air. Naturally, they’re dumbfounded as to what this particular object is. It surely doesn’t look like a bird and does not pass as a human either. While pets are […]

10 Best Utility Drone Videos

Drone flying in the air

While they were first introduced for military use, drones are now ubiquitous across multiple industries. Drones became mainstream popular a decade ago due to their mad photography capabilities and the fun pilots would derive from the experience. However, the latest surge in popularity is owed much to their utility across multiple industries rather than just […]

10 Best Inductrix FPV Drone Videos

Picture of an FPV drone

The Inductrix FPV is a recent update to the world of drones and exciting RC vehicles. The product comes as an FPV machine out of the box, and is used to capture exciting freestyle and first person videos. The product also offers an integrated video transmitter along with a camera meant specifically for FPV purposes. […]

10 Awesome Freestyle Drone Videos

Picture of an FPV drone with GPS

Freestyle FPV videos have revolutionized drone technology to offer a more skillful and lucrative experience for users. The idea behind FPV freestyle videos is to mount your HD camera on an FPV racing quad-copter and get the best footage in real time. Think of drone filming as a Honda Civic rolling around a scenic location […]

10 Awesome Dronies Videos

Man piloting drone

Imagine visiting a truly exotic natural location with your drone. There is unlimited potential for filming the natural landscape in its true form. Suddenly, you see everyone else around you is using their smartphones to click a dozen duck-faced selfies. Well, you don’t have to feel left out anymore, as you can use your drone […]

10 Shocking New Military Drone Videos

Picture of a military drone

The world is still far away from the peace that world leaders have been striving for since the last half-a-century or so. Extremists reign supreme and military action is needed to not only mitigate the impact such terrorist factions have on society, but to also ensure that the world is a more peaceful place to […]

10 of the Best Stadium Drone Videos

Aerial view of the Melbourne Cricket Ground

With the rise in sports coverage and audiences, organizers across the globe have realized the potential in constructing exciting new stadiums and arenas.These stadiums don’t just seat audiences but create an architectural look of brilliance for people to admire. From baseball to football, soccer, cricket and hockey, we have some amazing structures donning the face […]

10 New Police Law Enforcement Drone Videos

Law enforcement drone camera

Drones or Unmanned Air Vehicles are currently being used for police surveillance across the globe. More than 347 law-enforcement agencies over 43 states in the United States today have UAVs to assist officers on the field. Police agencies use drones and UAVs to search and rescue people, investigate active shooter accidents, monitor traffic collisions, perform […]

10 New Payload Transport Drone Videos

Drone flying in the air

While drones are being used in a number of industries, their biggest use case today is in the delivery industry. For years the food and grocery delivery industry has relied on human riders to deliver their goods to customers. This model can be expensive and inefficient for these operators. With the invention of payload drones, […]

10 Majestically Filmed Landmarks Drone Videos

Aerial picture of the Statue of Liberty in full glory

Our world is host to a number of landmarks – some of these are man-made, while others are a gift from nature. Knowing that we are surrounded by the best of both, nature and artificial beauty, there is a lot of touring and traveling potential on the cards for humans. However, not everyone has the […]