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On, you’ll find job-specific buying guides, in-depth drone reviews and comparisons of the best ready-to-fly drones and UAVs sold today, including quadcopters, multi-rotors and fixed-wing UAVs.

This site is for professionals and hobbyists who are looking for a fully-tested drone/UAV to accomplish a specific job or task.

This is not a site for DIY-ers who want to build their own flying platforms from scratch.

Drones for Fun

drones for fun family and kids

If you’re shopping for a personal drone, our buying guides and in-depth reviews will help you find the right camera drone, racing drone or gift for your family.

Drones for Work

ag drone over field

If you’re a professional who needs to cover outdoor sports, market real estate, inspect buildings or monitor crops, then check out our professional buying guides to learn how to get trained, to buy the right insurance and to select the right drone, UAS or UAV for your job.


Our in-depth buying guides are focused on the most popular professional and recreational uses of UAVs and on the needs of professionals who use drones in their work. In each guide, we explain the state of the market, the must-have features and the features to avoid and recommend proven solutionsMost are 10-20 minute reads.




I also publish a weekly blog containing lots of how-to guides, recent developments and the latest product & service releases in the global drone/UAV/UAS market.  I mostly write about higher-end consumer drones and professional applications, not toys.

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Read my in-depth drone reviews (organized by job) to find the right UAV/UAS/drone for your budget.

Each review includes lots of high-resolution photos and videos to help you make your final decision.

For example, here are my reviews of some of the best ready-to-fly camera drones selling today.

(Click on a drone to read my review)


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    This is a great post to help guide prospective drone buyers on which drone to buy. Good to see some diversity in the choices available to consumers. DJI is great, but there are (and should be) other options available.

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