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10 Interesting Travel Drone Videos

Travel drone videos

Regardless of whether you are a regular traveler, a filmmaker or just someone sitting at home, drone videos can be mesmerizing to watch. Drone cameras allow travelers to film their travel exploits in a more professional manner, and give you a better taste of some of the most beautiful and erotic places from over the globe.

The output feels as if you’re gliding across the sky and have a superior and unique perspective to appreciate and recognize beauty. Over the years, many travelers have shot some amazing travel drone videos from their cameras. These drone videos can serve as guidance for your own future exploits or can be used to just view the world from a different perspective.

In this article we’ve decided to pull out and make a list of some of the best travel videos for inspiration and ideas. Get the best perspective on global locations from your couch.

1. Costa Rica in 4K

This 4K drone video from Costa Rica does not only take you across some of the most scenic locations in the country, but also helps you relax. The natural landmarks, scattered trees and astounding water bodies will leave you in awe of the beauty hosted by Costa Rica.

2. The Alps in 4K

Ever wanted to visit the Alps in Switzerland? Well, you might get an excellent viewing experience from this video. Just open this link, play the video in full screen and enjoy the 4K output from drone shots.

3. Bali by Drone

Bali is a popular tourist location for married and unmarried couples today. Resorts across the archipelago offer a relishing experience and give you the best beach experience. This drone footage takes you through Bali during the peak tourist season of June and September.

4. The Beauty of Europe in 4K

Got 45 minutes to spare? Well, this video is just for you then. This serenedrone footage takes you through the beauty of Europe’s natural landmarks and covers a number of countries. The beauty is worth every second you put into watching this video.

5. Iceland Through a GoPro and Drone

These tourists went on a 7 day trip to Iceland and shot some amazing drone footage on their way. The hidden beauty of Iceland will catch your attention for sure.

6. Croatia Bird’s Eye View

Enjoy and discover the most amazing places of Croatia through this marvelous 4K drone video. The 3 hour video takes you through landmarks and water bodies nestled in between them.

7. New York in a Minute

Travel the skyline of New York through an entirely different perspective in less than a minute. See the lights, the skyscrapers and the majestic structures that make New York as great as it is today.

8. Dubai by Drone

Dubai is the jewel in the crown of the Middle East. Who’d imagine that a city with weather as atrocious and scorching could become a top tourist destination? See the majestic structures for yourself and enjoy Dubai through a renewed lens.

9. Los Angeles Through Drone

Having seen footage of New York and Dubai, the only other city that parallels these two is Los Angeles, California. This drone video takes you through LA in detail and focuses on never seen before aspects of the city.

10. New Zealand Through a Drone

Host to the Lord of the Rings and known as one of the most scenic countries over the globe, New Zealand sure is a delight to view from high above. Explore the country and its changing topography in this video.

Travel videos have come a long way ever since the advent of drone technology. With a new bird-eye perspective, we can now see landmarks and natural structures in a more prominent manner. We hope you enjoyed watching these videos just as much as we enjoyed making them.

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