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10 Educational Drone Regulation Videos

Drone camera flying across fields

You just purchased a sick drone camera and cannot wait to get the battery charged and take your new machine out for a test run. The entire experience is exciting, and you are up for recreating some of the exciting drone videos you have seen online.

However, flying a drone camera is more than just feeling excited and recreating stuff that you view online. You need to be aware of drone regulations in place across most developed countries today, as these regulations determine the kind of experience you have.

In this article we take a look at 10 of the best educational drone regulation videos on the internet to help prepare you for the legal side of drone flying, and why you should care for it.

1. Drone Laws in India

India is fast developing as one of the most profitable markets for drone cameras. The country has a number of aspiring vloggers, and drone cameras are in great demand. This educational video takes you through drone laws and regulations in the country and builds the importance of following these laws.

2. Drone Regulations in EU

The European Union, and the countries that come under it, are strict when it comes to drone regulations. This video takes you through all regulations and what you need to be careful of.

3. Drone Laws and Regulations

The FAA in the United States is fairly strict on the regulations they have for drone cameras. These cameras limit unnecessary height and risk, and lay down restrictions for pilots.

4. New EU Drone Laws

The European Union passed a set of new laws to regulate the way drones are flown across the continent. If you’re still confused, then this video will clear away all doubts you have.

5. 5000 Bucks Fine

What happens when you don’t follow drone laws? Well, this drone pilot will tell you about the repercussions in this video explaining how he got this 5k bucks fine.

6. Chinese Drone Regulations

Drone enthusiasts in China have to follow the rule of the land, regardless of whether they are residents or tourists. This video clears the doubts for everyone and mentions all possible drone laws.

7. How Not to Get Arrested Flying a Drone

There are certain regulations, which when ignored, can lead to immediate arrest as well. This video looks at 5 ways how you can try not to get arrested while flying a drone. Some interesting stuff here!

8. New York City Rules

New York City has so much to offer that locals and tourists can forget restrictions and end up flying their drones everywhere. This video takes you through the legal way of flying a drone in the city.

9. FAA Laws Explained

Do you require an explanation on why FAA has the drone laws that it has implemented currently? Well, this detailed educational video will take you through the importance of drone laws.

10. New Zealand Drone Laws

New Zealand is another country with plenty of natural beauty that can make visitors forget the regulations in play. This video will help give you a brief overview on the drone laws and why they should be followed.

Drone cameras are now a staple across numerous industries.This has resulted in greater implementation of laws and regulations. Follow these regulations if you want a safe experience flying your drone.

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