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10 Best Inductrix FPV Drone Videos

Picture of an FPV drone

The Inductrix FPV is a recent update to the world of drones and exciting RC vehicles. The product comes as an FPV machine out of the box, and is used to capture exciting freestyle and first person videos.

The product also offers an integrated video transmitter along with a camera meant specifically for FPV purposes. The high performance motor and the large battery ensure that you can take this machine into the tiniest of spaces for long durations.

In this article we look at some of the best Inductrix FPV drone videos. Go through the videos in this collection and enjoy the freestyle and fast-paced views of videos shot through FPV cameras.

1. First FPV Flight

This YouTuber takes his FPV inductrix camera for a flight outside for the first time and unboxes the product for you. This video can help explain functions and the unboxing process.

2. Blade Inductrix FPV

The Blade Inductrix FPV is a top notch FPV mini-quad and can help shoot videos at 100MPH. Don’t believe us? Well, go through this flight test of the camera.

3. Inductrix Test Flight

Test flights do not get faster or better than this. The Blade Inductrix FPV is a powerful product on its own and can elevate your drone flying standards remarkably.

4. Micro Racing Championship

This video from the drone micro racing championship has been shot through the Blade FPV Inductrix. The video takes you through exciting twists and turns and demonstrates the full abilities of the machine.

5. Outdoor FPV With Music

What makes a Blade FPV video even better? Music! This video has it all from twists and turns to speed and some catchy music.

6. Reviewing the Inductrix FPV

The Inductrix FPV is surely not everyone’s cup of tea. The drone best appeals to fans in the mini-quad market and will leave you enthralled with the precision and abilities it has to offer. This review takes you further into the processes involved.

7. Learning to Fly the Inductrix

This YouTuber is learning how to fly the Inductrix and we believe there is a big lesson to be learnt here. The Inductrix can be hard to master, but once you settle, it you can easily shoot exciting videos.

8. Indoor Blade Inductrix Fun

This YouTuber decided to have some indoors fun with his blade inductrix. The FPV camera sure is a treat to play with and will give you some exciting footage as a result. The machine does look tiny, but speeds rapidly.

9. Inductrix FPV Racing

This Inductrix FPV is racing around somewhere in Ottawa, Canada, but we love the precision of the results. The video shows the true capabilities of an Inductrix FPV and just what these drone cameras are capable of when pushed to the limits.

10. First Day With the Inductrix

Since many of you are new to the Inductrix and the world of FPV, we finish our collection with this YouTuber’s first day with the mini-quad. The drone can shoot some amazing footage and is barely noticeable. Sounds exciting, right?

FPV drone cameras allow you to freestyle and enter racing competitions. The Blade Inductrix FPV is a high-speed mini quad that comes fitted with high quality FPV settings. Follow these inspirations and take your device out for a ride today to break some records.

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