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10 Best Utility Drone Videos

Drone flying in the air

While they were first introduced for military use, drones are now ubiquitous across multiple industries. Drones became mainstream popular a decade ago due to their mad photography capabilities and the fun pilots would derive from the experience. However, the latest surge in popularity is owed much to their utility across multiple industries rather than just leisure.

Drones have proven to be high utility products and are now being used across industries. In this article we take a look at some of the best utility drone videos. These videos will give you an idea of the utility these crazy inventions carry.

1. Drone With Flashlight

This drone camera comes with a flashlight of its own and has proven to be of extreme utility for these professionals. The drone helped light up a dark tunnel and shoot fascinating videos of the passage.

2. Flame Throwing Drone to the Rescue

How do you remove a net from some high power UHV electricity lines? Well, you call upon your flame throwing drone and fire some shots at it! This utility drone video will show you a whole new side of drone technology.

3. UberEats

Uber has expanded its services with the launch of UberEats and has now taken the process even further by using drones. This video gives insight into how Uber plans to use drone delivery method for its food delivery business.

4. Powerline Inspections

Drones are being extensively used in the power sector and justifiably so, as they come with the ability to monitor HV power lines without the risk of human life. This video shows you the process.

5. Power Inspection in China

The Yunnan province in China has an abundance of hydroelectric power resources. But, these resources have to be maintained and monitored, which is where this drone comes into the picture.

6. Heavy Lift Cargo Drone

Drones can share some of the pressure from road transport today by assisting in high cargo travel. This utility drone footage shows you a cargo drone that can carry agricultural and construction equipment.

7. Tiny Utility Drones

Drones have found a calling back in the world of military equipment and arsenal, due to this tiny drone that can latch onto utility belts. The technology is still in progress.

8. Home Inspections With Drones

We’ve all heard of just how effective drone cameras can prove to be for home inspections. But, how does the entire process transpire? This video takes you behind the scenes and gives you an in-depth look into what is done during a typical drone home inspection video. This video can be perfect for beginners learning the craft.

9. Road Construction and Utility Inspections

Drones are also used for road construction and inspections, as shown by this video. This utility drone video gives you an insightful look at the role drones play in urban planning and management today.

10. Construction Site Inspection

Drone cameras can also be used in construction site inspections to find out and minimize the chances of errors that can escape the human eye. This video takes you through the utility of drones in construction sites.

Drones are developing with time and are now being used across industries beyond photography and leisure. We hope you enjoyed these videos and understand the utility of drone cameras now.



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