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10 Shocking New Military Drone Videos

Picture of a military drone

The world is still far away from the peace that world leaders have been striving for since the last half-a-century or so. Extremists reign supreme and military action is needed to not only mitigate the impact such terrorist factions have on society, but to also ensure that the world is a more peaceful place to live in.

In this article we take a look at some military drone videos. Go through these intriguing footages and gain firsthand insightson military action from over the globe.

1. Drone Footage of Baghdadi’s Death

This drone footage captures the raid performed by US-led forces in Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s residence. Baghdadi was a terrorist operating from his remote hideout in Syria and was finally located and killed in this raid.

2. Surveillance Video from Niger Operation

This dramatic drone video takes you through the intriguing Niger ambush toward four American soldiers. US agencies just released these footages recently, which show soldiers trying to run away from impending danger.

3. Azerbaijan and Armenian Conflict

Both Azerbaijan and Armenia are in a conflict over the disputed land of Nagorno-Karabakh. This video shows details of how Azerbaijani military continues to use drone cameras.

4. Military Strikes Captured

This drone footage from near Damascus in Syria captures strikes on militant positions around the east of Syria’s capital city. The footage takes you into the war-flung city of Damascus and the atrocities it has suffered.

5. WikiLeaks Video

This questionable video by WikiLeaks shows a major US-run attack on a terrorist hideout. The details in this drone footage are chilling and horrendous.

6. Drone Hunting Three Kurdish Fighters

This report by the New York Times reveals just how precisely a US drone hunted 3 Kurdish fighters in the state of Syria. Kurdish fighters are at large within this region.

7. Drone Attack

Before drones were being used for filming and photography, they were used to drop explosives by the military. This video from last year shows a rebel drone strike by Iran on a government military parade in Yemen.

8. Iraqi Military Buildup

This drone footage from the city of Mosul captures a build-up of Iraqi forces around the city. This is unlike anything we have seen before and takes us straight into a warzone.

9. Iran Shooting Down US drone

Last year Iran shot down a harmless US drone escalating tensions between both the countries. This footage captures the drone being shot down by Iranian forces and the repercussions it carried.

10. Drone Footage of Hezbollah Activity

Hezbollah activity is a constant threat looming over the heads of the Israeli army at all times. This drone video shows Hezbollah activity in a village near Lebanon’s southern coastal region. The build-up of forces poses immediate danger for Israel.

Drones are extensively being used in military drills for not only filming enemy movements, but also for tracking down militant hideouts and for dropping explosives in warzones. These military drone videos will give you insights into the atrocities of war.




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