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10 of the Best Stadium Drone Videos

Aerial view of the Melbourne Cricket Ground

With the rise in sports coverage and audiences, organizers across the globe have realized the potential in constructing exciting new stadiums and arenas.These stadiums don’t just seat audiences but create an architectural look of brilliance for people to admire. From baseball to football, soccer, cricket and hockey, we have some amazing structures donning the face of almost every sport played inside a stadium.

In this article we take a look at some of the best stadium drone videos. Stick with us as we take you through a tour of the world’s best.

1. Allegiant Stadium Drone Video

The Allegiant stadium is a domed structure located in Paradise, Nevada, United States. The structure is host to the National Football League’s Las Vegas Raiders and the University of Nevada, which is Las Vegas Rebels’ college football team. This video perfectly captures the amazing domed structure and the gigantic branding on the roof of the stadium. The stadium has state of the art facilities and is one to visit.

2. Tottenham Hotspur’s New Stadium

Part of the Barclays’ or English Premier Soccer League in England, Tottenham Hotspurs is a prominent club from the country. The club recently upgraded their stadium and moved into this brilliant structure. The stadium can host over 60,000 people and is gigantic in size.

3. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

The Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles is an amazing piece of architecture that basks under the sunlight due to its uncovered structure. The stadium has meters of lush green grass, perfectly complementing the stands.

4. Yankee Stadium Drone Video

The Yankee stadium surely is a work of wonder. The stadium sitsin the middle of the city of New York and is covered on all corners by New York’s fascinating jungle of concrete. The stadium itself has a giant structure and is a dream to look at in this video.

5. San Siro Football Stadium

Stadiums don’t get more historic or elegant than the San Siro stadium in Milan, Italy. The stadium is host to both, AC and Inter Milan, and hosts international matches for Italy as well. Both soccer clubs have an ancient rivalry and have played riveting matches here.

6. Dubai Cricket Stadium – The Ring of Fire

Dubai’s cricket stadium, which is also known as the ring of fire, is nestled between acres of deserts. As this drone video captures, the stadium has a unique roofing and lighting design, making it one of its kind in the cricketing world.

7. Covering Melbourne’s Sports Precinct

Melbourne is definitely the sports capital of Australia and is host to plenty of sporting activities. The area covered in this video shows the fauna and flora of Melbourne, along with the gigantic Melbourne Cricket Ground or MCG. The stadium can host over 90,000 people, making it one of the biggest arenas in the world.

8. Covering MCG in Detail

We already saw glimpses of MCG or the Melbourne Cricket Ground in the video above, but this magnificent stadium deserves a separate mention. Having records of over 90,000 people in audience, the MCG is truly a work of art.

9. Old Trafford, Manchester

Any true fan of English soccer or European sports in general would know all there is to know about Old Trafford. The stadium is host to Manchester United, which is one of the most decorated sides in sports history. The video captures the stadium and the nearby area perfectly.

10. Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The Mercedes-Benz stadium is a multi-purpose stadium located within the city of Atlanta in Georgia. The stadium serves as the home stadium of the Atlanta Falcons in the National Football League. The savvy exterior of this stadium is what makes it amazing to look at.

There are a number of eye catching and jaw breaking stadiums across the world today. We have looked at a few in this article and hope you loved the innovative angles and views.


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