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10 Awesome Dronies Videos

Man piloting drone

Imagine visiting a truly exotic natural location with your drone. There is unlimited potential for filming the natural landscape in its true form. Suddenly, you see everyone else around you is using their smartphones to click a dozen duck-faced selfies.

Well, you don’t have to feel left out anymore, as you can use your drone camera to shoot a dronie, which is a neologism produced through the amalgam of drones and selfies.

Drones are becoming common over time and dronies sure are the future of selfies. Many popular YouTubers have clicked exciting dronies videos and we will take a look at some of the best ones in this article today.

1. World’s Best Ever Dronies

Dronies do not get better than the ones showcased in this video. This video compiles some of the best dronies from over the world and puts them together for you to enjoy.

2. Best Beach Drone Videos

There is nothing better than filming a dronie at the beach, with a background of calm blue sea water and micro algae. We love the clarity and aesthetics of some of these videos here.

3. Dronies 2016

This 2016 video takes you back to when dronies first came out. You would like to see the stark difference in dronies of that time and the dronies of today.

4. Dronies Capturing 4 Seasons

Drones can help you capture the 4 seasons in a particular place in a better manner. Dronies go above what simple drone videos can do to offer even more aesthetics to the experience. This dronie shows four videos from the same spot across different seasons.

5. The Dronie Challenge

A YouTube channel contested people to send their own dronies for a challenge, and what transpired was amazing. We have some awesome dronies videos in this challenge, and we hope you enjoy them.

6. Epic Dronies in Mexico

Mexico is famous for its natural beauty, but Alex Chacon makes it famous for his dronies. Known as the founder of drone selfies in 2014, Alex Chacon takes to Mexico with his dronies here.

7. YouTuber’s Year in Dronies

This YouTuber decided to take the concept of dronies even further, by filming short parts of his year through his drone camera. We love just how much the person changed over the year.

8. Mongolia Dronies

Mongolia might not be a hotshot tourist spot for many travelers, but it sure has a lot to offer. This dronie from the location takes you into the exciting prospects on offer at the location. Looks exciting, right?

9. Dronies in Switzerland

This couple made their visit to Switzerland even more interesting with captivating videos of the entire journey. The dronies look elegant and we are in love with just how cute this couple is. The videos have been shot through a DJI Mavic Pro.

10. Dronies From Bali

We finish this list with a compilation of a YouTuber’s dronies from Bali. Located in Indonesia, Bali is a hot spot for tourists and is loved by many. The dronies in this video will make you fall in love with the place.

We hope you enjoyed watching these inventive dronies just as much as we loved compiling them. You can even recreate some of these dronies at your favorite locations.


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