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Phantom 3 Standard


  • BEST VALUE for a ready-to-fly HD camera drone
  • Everything’s included: gimbal, camera, flight control, receiver and software
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Phantom 3 Standard


Easy to Learn


    Easy to Operate






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            • Smallest Portable Aerial Video Platform ever
            • Good flight range (1 km) & endurance
            • Easy to use by anyone (not just hobbyists)
            • Live video streaming up to 1km distance
            • EXCELLENT VALUE


            • Sensitive to foul weather/rain
            • No Ground Station support (coming soon)
            • No GPS Autopilot (coming soon)
            • No Advanced camera/flight modes (coming soon)

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            Our Take

            DJI Phantom 3 Standard - front view 2

            The Phantom 3 Standard is an affordable, fully integrated camera drone that includes an intelligent system that makes it easy to fly and film up to 1 km away using built-in Lightbridge technology. Within minutes after you unbox it, the Phantom 3 Standard is ready to fly & shoot Ultra-high quality video.

            It’s also the best-value HD camera drone on the market today.

            The Phantom 3 Standard’s closest competitor is 3D Robotic’s new Solo Quadcopter. At $999, the 3DR Solo is more expensive; on top of that, you’ll have to buy a camera and a gimbal, which can send the price to almost $2,000.

            On the other hand, the Solo offers GPS autopilot and advanced flight and camera controls that the Phantom 3 does not (although DJI says all of these features are coming soon – see details below).

            In our opinion, the Phantom 3 Standard is an excellent choice for your first camera drone. Assuming DJI makes good on their promise to offer waypoint GPS autopilot and advanced flight modes, the Phantom 3 Standard offers hard-to-beat value.

            RC Receiver

            The included RC receiver holds any smart phone or tablet, which is used to display the DJI’s superb Pilot App and live 720p HD video feed from the aircraft’s onboard camera. The receiver and your device communicate via WiFi.

            DJI Phantom 3 Standard - RC receiver with iphone

            Using the controller, you operate the Phantom 3 Standard while enjoying immersive, live HD view of everything below on your smart phone or tablet – up to 1/2 mile away.

            PC Ground Station

            DJI Ground Station features

            DJI Go App

            DJI GO App live feed

            The included DJI Go App runs on your phone or tablet, allowing you to see and control everything through one screen:

            • live scrolling map provides real-time awareness of your location and surroundings
            • control the camera
            • control your flight settings
            • view live flight telemetry including altitude, speed and direction
            • view your flight log
            • edit, publish and share video straight from your phone or tablet

            DJI Video Editor

            DJI Video Editor

            Using the DJI Video Editor app on your smartphone or tablet, you can:

            • Create professional-looking movies in minutes
            • Choose from several pre-defined templates

            Automatic Flight Assistant

            The Phantom 3 Standard comes with advanced flight assistance features including:

            • built-in GPS records your aircraft’s take-off point and position at all times
            • if you lose contact or lose control of the aircraft, it will automatically return home
            • upon takeoff, the aircraft hovers in place until you are ready to go
            • upon landing, the Phantom 3 Standard hovers in place until you are ready to receive it

            Advanced Flight Modes

            DJI recently announced that advanced flight modes and waypoint-directed GPS autopilot are NOW AVAILABLE for their Phantom 3 lineup. A simple software upgrade provides the following new features:

            DJI Phantom 3 - Intelligent flight modes coming soon Aug 2015


            • Intelligent flight system
            • Integrated camera and gimbal
            • 2.7K Ultra HD video (30fps)
            • 12 MP photos
            • Live Video Feed (720p HD)
            • Flight time: 25 minutes
            • Range: 1 km
            • Intelligent Battery reminds when power is running low.
            • 1 year warranty
            • 24/7 technical support

            Features We Like

            • Small size makes easy to transport
            • Built-in 2.7k camera with no fish-eye effect
            • DJI Go App lets you operate the camera and view live streaming through your smart phone or tablet
            • 3-Axis gimbal provides pixel-grade stabilized video
            • Auto Take Off
            • Auto Return Home
            • Onboard GPS
            • Advanced Flight modes
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