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Mobile Recon Systems’ New Dauntless UAV Can Lift a Full Grown Man

UAV carrying heavy weight

Quadcopters play different roles such as lifting various types of products from one point to the other. These drones are also used for aerial photography and video shooting in different circumstances. Mobile Recon Systems, a Kentucky based company, popularized the quadcopter with its KittyHawk, a device that could carry about three cameras of GoPro type.

The Kentucky Company recently announced a new Dauntless UAV which can transport up to 200 pounds (about 90 kg). The latest offering shows that the drone industry is undergoing massive technological development to cover various sectors. Drone technology is accessible for activities such as photography as well as entertainment.

With the latest offering, the drone industry continues to grow to cover other important aspects including disaster and other emergency cases. The new gadget consists of various features that make it different from other common types of drones meant explicitly for photography.   

Meet The New Dauntless UAV

The new Dauntless UAV is available as a quadcopter, and it can transport goods with a weight of up to 85 lbs or 45 kilograms. A quadcopter weighs about 35 kg, and it is capable of carrying products with a mass of around 45 kg. The gadget becomes an octocopter as a result of an addition of an extra set of rotors and a motor on each of the four arms.

This Dauntless UAV is also available as an octocopter version that is capable of lifting and transporting goods with a weight of 200 pounds (90 kg). In other words, the UAV is another version of aircraft that can lift a full grown-up person. Though the mechanism slightly differs from a plane that transport people, a human being can travel on a Dauntless UAV. 

The latest UAV Dauntless also has other special features that make it unique. The drone can also perform various functions that make it different from other traditional drones that are usually smaller in size. Smaller devices tend to be more limited in their activities due to specifications. This is an investment so do not forget to check out drone insurance information and available plans.

Source:  Mobile Recon Systems

Key Features of Dauntless UAV

The device consists of various features that make it unique from other similar products in the drone sector. The gadget consists of aluminum and titanium frame together with a body of carbon fiber. The material for the shape of the UAV is suitable for the purpose since it is light. Lightweight helps the aircraft to be efficient when flying and can move with fast speed.

Conventional aircraft also have the same material for their bodies. The Dauntless UAV also features canopy, rotors and a battery box. These components play a pivotal role in facilitating the gadget to fly and perform different tasks while in the air.

The other important aspect about the drone is that you can break it down into five sections for ease of transportation. You can also carry the devices by hand grips when all components are together. The gadget is easy to dismantle as well as to assemble so you can take it to different places and still use it without any difficulties.

Power Generation

The New Dauntless UAV uses electrical power that comes from two generators that produce 2,400 watts. The generators have a link to a gas engine, so they power its operations. The generators produce sufficient energy to fly the UAV unlike other smaller versions of drones that rely on small lithium batteries.

The Dauntless can go up to flight times of about five hours, a period longer than any traditional drone can fly. Smaller drones have average flights of between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the type. The other feature of the Dauntless UAV is that it has two additional lithium-polymer batteries.

The additional polymer batteries play a role when there is a need for a power boost. The cells also play a crucial role in case of performing emergency landings if generators fail. In other words, there are no fears of power running out and the device failing to operate efficiently. Whenever there is a warning of energy running out, the operator can switch to batteries and engage in a safe landing.

If you do not want your cargo to dangle below the UAV during flight, you can get an onboard container. The container can carry a load with a weight of about 36 kg on a, and it can also carry about 72 kg on an octocopter. The Dauntless can also perform other tasks apart from lifting different forms of stuff.

Optional features like gimbal cameras can also work on this Dauntless UAV. Different types of cameras, light detection and ranging (LiDAR) modules, as well as radiation detectors, can be fitted on this device. The main difference of this device from other traditional drones is that it is multipurpose and it has a long flight time.

Remote Piloting

One person can remotely pilot the UAV just like other smaller drone. The gadget can also fly autonomously where it follows a preprogrammed set of GPS routes. The user only needs to map and program the way and launch the device into space. It can follow the route, and there are no fears of losing it in action.  

Non-autonomous flight is more comfortable in that takeoff, and landing is automatic. The other handsome feature is that the device has an automatic return to launch and these activities can take place from anywhere.

The other aspect is that the users can opt to buy a self-leveling monopod system for landing. The system helps the aircraft to maintain a flat position when flying in uneven terrain. The terrain affects the performance of the plane in various ways. Therefore, a stabilizer will help the aircraft to fly and land smoothly even in rough terrain. 

Functions Of New Dauntless UAV

The new Dauntless UAV can play roles in offering border and perimeter security. You can launch the device to monitor the surrounding areas at your premises to ensure that they are secure. The tool is also ideal for use for natural and medical emergency responses delivery equipment or supplies.

In some instances, when disaster strikes, the place can become inaccessible and unsafe. The UAV is also suitable for areal mapping and analysis for various purposes. The UAV also offers excellent transport for supplies. The price of the device can be within the range of low six figures.

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