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Drone Aerial Video Shows More Than 100 Whales In Underwater Russian Prison

orca whales in the wild

A recent drone aerial video shows that over 100 whales are living under poor conditions in an underwater prison in Russia. The whales in prison are estimated to consist of 11 orcas “killer whales” as well as 90 beluga whales. The practice of capturing the whales may be violating the law

There is a risk that the entire orca population faces extinction at this rate of capture. The number of whales in captivity is way above the capture quota of 13 animals per annum. It seems the law is not very useful in addressing the challenge of whale capture.

In the footage, the whales survive under captivity and deplorable living conditions. It is important that people accept the value of the whales as part of the biosphere. As such, the whales deserve protection like any other animal with rights to live in any environment.

There is a need to investigate all cases of whaling to combat this practice that seems to be affecting the whales. However, the primary challenge is that some places where the whales are kept are not accessible to everyone. In this case, this is where drone technology comes in handy to help solve such crimes

Significance Of Drone Technology

Some places are shielded, protected, and they are not accessible to unauthorized persons. At the same time, crimes may be taking place behind the public scenes since there is no one allowed to visit the site. With drone technology, it is possible to unearth various issues taking place in areas where people are not allowed.

Camera drones are significant tools that can help uncover crimes and other issues of public interest. The camera drones are mainly for aerial photography, and they can fly to different places while recording videos and images. The primary advantage of a drone is that it is remote controlled so it can reach different places even protected ones.  

Whaling is a preserve of the state and some registered private entities. It is a marine resource that belongs to the countries that share the jurisdiction over the waters in which the whales live. The practice of whaling is considerably under scrutiny according to international law. Whales are protected species that are rare, but it seems some unscrupulous people are taking advantage to profit out of them.

Whaling is a form of economic activity that also has a cultural connection. It is challenging to detect illegal activities in the area of whaling. The people involved in the practice will claim that they are doing it for educational research. Disproving the claim without substantial evidence may be difficult.

orca whale for entertainment

International Law Against Capture of Whales

International law bans the activity of capturing whales for resale. There are four companies that are responsible for the incarceration of about 100 whales in Russia’s Pacific coast. Between 2013 and 2016, media reports show that 13 orcas were exported to China.

In other words, Russian investigative media exposed the practice so it cannot be ruled that the perpetrators are not known. Crimes of this magnitude usually involve a syndicate of well-connected people to avoid detection and arrest. The involvement of high profile officials, in this case, cannot be ruled out.

The international law does not forbid the rental of whales explicitly. Therefore, some companies tend to abuse the loophole and take advantage of it to capture whales for profiting purposes. International law can be a solution if it is revised to outlaw the practice of catching whales in the guise of research.

The story of whales in underwater prison shows that some unscrupulous business people captured the cetaceans for sale to theme parks in China. According to reports, the businesses would earn up to $6 million for the whales. Profit is the primary motivation behind the imprisonment of these sea creatures.

While the business practice is lucrative, it violates the law. Incarceration of marine life under such conditions is not right under the law against violation of marine life. The capture and sale of the whales to theme parks for the sake of entertainment is strictly illegal.

For scientific and educational purposes, people can legally capture the whales. However, the aspect of legality does not make the practice morale. Natural creatures, marine live included have a right to life and people should not violate these. People should understand that some practices are legal but unethical.

The companies claim that the whales are for educational purposes, but it seems there is no justification for the claims. It also appears that the law alone is not enough to combat the practice of capturing whales. In this scenario, investigative media play a pivotal role in fighting this kind of exercise.

To uncover such illegal practices, investigative media can go a long way in playing the role. However, the practitioners need state of the art technology that can detect things that are beyond the reach of many people. In this particular case, drone technology seems to be the best answer to such a challenge.


Why Wales Are Lucrative Creatures

Whales are beautiful creatures that are very popular in different tourist destinations. A whale is a gigantic marine creature that belongs to the category of mammals. This creature appears like a fish, but it is a mammal that gives birth to its offspring. The beast also breastfeeds its offsprings, and it also has unique features that make it attractive.

Whales are large creatures that are rare, and they are trendy in theme parks. Whale watching is a form of tourism that is significantly gaining prominence among people in different places. The other issue about these creatures is that they are protected since they are rare.

Whale watching is also a form of national pride and source of economic activity. Whales draw hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, and they contribute millions of dollars in revenue. Whales continue to generate interest, and it is about time their future is guarded in from a sustainable manner. Camera drone technology can go a long way in helping combat crimes against the whales in underwater prison.

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