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Three Great FPV Racing Drones for $100, $200 and $300

racing drone guide - illustrated parts list

If you really want to compete, then you’ll need to assemble your own kit from the best frames, ESCs, motors and electronics available.

One of my favorite FPV YouTube bloggers is Stew at UAVFutures. 

Stew originally put together the following three kits for a $100 budget, $200 budget and a $300 budget. I further refined his parts lists to keep things up to date and simple.

All of them are solid choices at affordable price points.  

You will need to assemble the parts, and you may need to program and tweak your settings before first flight. 

Feel free to share your comments and recommendations in the Disqus thread, at the bottom of this page. 

Pick your budget, then click the links and watch the video to learn more about each kit.  In general, the more you spend, the easier the assembly and the faster your rig.

Have fun!

Best $100 FPV Racing Drone

Source:  UAVFutures

This rig is Stew’s invention, and I love his creativity.

You’ll probably opt for some of the upgrades blowing past $99, but this kit is still a great deal.

Step-By-Step Guide (43 mins):

PARTS LIST (affiliate links):


Optional Upgrades (+$)


Best $200 FPV Racing Drone

Source:  UAVFutures

Step-By-Step Guide (27 mins): 

PARTS LIST (affiliate links):

Best $300 FPV Racing Drone

Source:  UAVFutures

Step-By-Step Guide:

PARTS LIST (affiliate links):


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