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10 Best Pro Photography Drone Videos

Drone flying against the morning sky

With extended coverage of drone photography and videos on YouTube and other streaming sites, we now have a number of developing professional drone photographers. The pictures and videos captured by these professional photographers are great adverts for all that drone technology is capable of and can do.

In this article we look at 10 of the best pro photography drone videos. Go through these videos and see the amazing output for yourself.

1. Iceland in a Professional Lens

This video, shot by a professional drone photographer, takes you through the beauty of Iceland. The video has decent 4K graphics and has some amazing views for you to enjoy. We loved the beauty that Iceland has to offer and the amazing manner in which it has been filmed in this video.

2. Best Drone Videos of 2018

This compilation video dates back to 2018 and captures some of the best drone footage from the year. The video includes multiple videos and is definitely a delight to look at. The output speaks volumes of how professional photographers can revamp output.

3. Paradise in Philippines

Philippines is renowned across the globe for its mesmerizing beauty and amazing views. This video captures the true essence of the nation and how the fluorescent blue water adds aesthetic beauty to the archipelago.

4. Professional Cinematography

This aerial footage from a drone adds remarkable cinematography to simple shots. Shot by a professional drone pilot, this video is bound to make you fall in love with the world around you and the amazing landscape that it boasts.

5. Luxury Real Estate Drone Video

This drone video shows a luxury real estate house from a new angle. Originally shot for a real estate listing, this video takes you through some exhilarating views and marvelous captures. We love how this video captures the elegance of the house and its astonishing structure.  

6. Incredible Shots With a DJI Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic Pro is one of the best drone cameras today and is extensively used by professional photographers. This video gives you an insightful look at the results generated by the drone camera and how it can exemplify the beauty of nature and present it for you to admire.

7. Amazing Video Footage

This amazing footage shot by the DJI Mavic Pro gives 4k output and takes you through the landscape of city life nestled in between the towering trees and the endless fields of nature. We love the professional views this video has to offer and how it stands out among other drone videos.

8. Professional Photography in Norway

This professional drone video of Norway surely is a delight to watch. We love some of the natural and fascinating views that Norway has to offer. The towering mountains, the snow-capped peaks and the eerie blue lakes are all a work of nature. The output or end result of this professional quality video is amazing and will surely make you fall in love with what drone cameras are capable of doing.

9. Filming a BMW

This drone video films a BMW as it strolls around a wonderful natural landscape. The BMW M4 comes with an elegant design and this professional drone film captures that design in parallel to the natural beauty and landscapes behind it. We love the new angles that drone cameras can add to all such footages.

10. Mountain Bike Through an FPV Drone

Mountain Bikes are made to ace difficult mountain trails and come out unscathed from them. This drone video shot through a FPV camera takes you through an MTB trail, as the bike whizzes along with the camera toward success.

Professional grade drone videos are a delight to watch, as can be seen from the videos on this list. The end result generated from these cameras adds a unique perspective to the viewing experience.

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