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Best Drone Photography Accounts on Instagram to Follow in 2018

Best drone photography

From spectacular nature photos to panoramic pictures with an unexpected perspective, there is plenty of drool-worthy drone photography on Instagram. Whether you are looking for some inspiration for your own photography or just want to feast your eyes on these stunning creations, here are the best drone photography Instagram accounts to follow.

If you do some drone photography of your own, some of these accounts accept submissions and will credit you accordingly. It’s a good way to get more exposure for your work.


With over 200K followers, this is one of the most popular drone photography accounts on Instagram. The more than a thousand posts are a mix of nature photos and panoramic shots of famous landmarks. There are also a few videos thrown into the mix.

Most of the photos are submissions by other photographers. So the photos tend to come from all parts of the world. You also get the opportunity to meet and follow many other drone photography enthusiasts.


Take in some of Australia’s beauty through this account with 36K followers. Most of the photos are of nature with particular focus on beaches and water. If you love sunsets reflected in the water, sand and water meeting in one long beautiful shore and the view of sea life from above, give this account a follow.

There are also a few pictures of an equally picturesque countryside, mostly of winding roads and nature.


@airpixels is where you come to get your daily dose of a different perspective. From towering mountains to winding waterways and roads nestled among trees, this 300K+ account puts a creative spin on the normal.

Most of the shots showcase breathtaking landscapes from different parts of the world. There are mountains, rivers, waterfalls, forests and oceans. In a way, it feels like a relaxing flight high above the serene nature below.

In a Fairytale from South Tyrol, always makes my mind drift. How About you ?

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They don’t post often but when they do, it’s well worth the wait. They have more than 50K followers and over 600 photos, some of them submissions from other drone enthusiasts. Many of their pictures are nature themed with bursts of color that look spectacular from above.

A good number of their photos include urban landscapes and human made creations such as ships, bridges and even pyramids. Follow the account and enjoy stunning skylines of Minneapolis, Hong Kong, Moscow and other exotic locations around the world.


This is another super popular account with almost 150K followers at the time of this writing. This account throws in a bit of everything.

Of course there are amazing nature photos of oceans and beaches, forests, sunsets/sunrises and forests. There are also some other quite interesting snaps such as this one of a huge parking lot or this one of skyscrapers rising above the clouds or this colorful one of another parking lot.

My favorite is this one.


Stian Klo is a photographer for Lonely Planet and a DJI drones partner. He has been featured on National Geographic, Apple and the BBC.

With credential such as his it’s no surprise that he has some of the best drone shots on instagram. The photos are usually of nature with nary a human in sight. It’s the best place on Instagram to enjoy spectacular nature panorama.

There are photos of islands (he seems to be partial to islands), isolated corners of the world and even the awe inspiring Northern Lights.


Costas Spathis combines his love for architecture and aerial photography to produce some of the best drone shots on Instagram. Most of the photos focus on architectural landmarks including bridges, skyscrapers, marinas and city skylines.

He gives each photo an interesting perspective such that even an ordinary photo of an apartment looks out of this world.

There are also some nature shots thrown in, mostly beaches and water.

Accordion • #whpstripes #amsterdam #architecture #tinypeopleinbigplaces

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This account has some of the most breathtaking nature photos taken with a drone. Most of the photos showcase far flung corners of our planet including Greenland, Namibia, Iceland and Norway.

Not all photos are taken by drone. Some are taken from the ground while others are shot from a helicopter. But most of them have an aerial perspective to them.

After south and north Iceland, I headed to Lofoten to guide 2 back-to-back 'Northern Spirits' workshops. After a gloomy start, we soon received some insane light conditions, including mind-boggling post-sunset light, and of course, I hit the Aurora jackpot once again, with light shows I'll never forget that continued through the night. In addition, I shot some aerials of these majestic landscapes for the first time. Here's a collection of the shots I made in Lofoten this winter. If you'd like to join me to this amazing destination next winter, please check out the workshop webpage on . The first group is already booked out, but I've added a second group in mid February. Feel free to ask me anything and join us! 🙂

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